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As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on the generous help of our volunteers and their selfless efforts. It is their willingness to share time, talent, and passion for craft that brings life to CCBC Shop & Gallery. Each of our volunteers contributes to the CCBC in their own way – get to know them!

This month, meet Charleen!


How long you have been volunteering with CCBC?

I started volunteering  on September 2017.



What is your favourite part of working in the shop and gallery? Your favourite task?

My favourite part of working at CCBC is the interaction with the clients, working with wonderful, positive people. I also enjoy the exhibitions and changing the displays in the shop.


Why do you think craft is important? What role does craft play in your own life?

Craft is important  as this is when we are innovative and creative. By creating objects ourselves, we can work through problems as well as make beautiful things that will enrich our own world as well as others.


Any tips for someone interested in buying contemporary craft or giving it as a gift?

Buying craft/art should be part of our education. It supports the craft/art industry and people making a living from it. The articles are unique and show the person receiving them that they are special.


Favourite artist that the CCBC carries? Why?

Too many favourite artists. Ceramics- Atsuko Yoshimura  Glass- Julian Duerksen  Jewellery – Bridget Catchpole and Erin Christensen

Definitely a place to visit when in Vancouver.

You are both an academic and ceramic artist. What role does theory and discourse play in the contemporary craft world and what kind of conversations around contemporary craft do you find important?


I have always been interested in the craft/art debate. I would like to encourage people to buy beautiful objects that are not only decorative but also functional. Historical and cultural roots are important to ground us as human beings. Craft and art help us to to determine our own identity. Creates conversations around creativity. Making things with our hands encourages us to work through ideas creatively.