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As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on the generous help of our volunteers and their selfless efforts. It is their willingness to share time, talent, and passion for craft that brings life to CCBC Shop & Gallery. Each of our volunteers contributes to the CCBC in their own way – get to know them!

Meet Glenda, one of our volunteers at the shop & gallery! You’ll get to meet Glenda on Tuesdays.


Tell us a little bit about yourself; who you are and how long you have been volunteering with CCBC.

I have been volunteering at the shop for over four years.  I am living in Vancouver now, five years after having moved from Toronto to be with my daughter and now three grandchildren.

I have volunteered in various areas for many years, usually in in the social action area. So this is definitely different for me.


What is your favourite part of working in the shop and gallery? Your favourite task?

I enjoy talking to people from all walks and geographic places in the world.  It’s fun to dress people in jewellery and see how it blends with their looks and personality.  Function and beauty are a great blend and we have so many pieces  that demonstrate this


Why do you think craft is important? What role does craft play in your own life?

Wow!  it’s one of the arts like music and theatre.  All of these I enjoy and partake in.

I am a frequent shopper here for my self and gifts for others, family and friends.

So I walk the walk and talk the talk.


Any tips for someone interested in buying contemporary craft or giving it as a gift?

I always encourage customers to appreciate the originality of our crafts that we carry.

We carry very special articles that can’t be substituted in commercial wares


Favourite artist that the CCBC carries? Why?

I love Laura Van der linde for her fun ceramics. Stephanie Dueck does such original metal pieces.

Silverworks has great detail. Love the simplicity of Atsuko Yoshimura.

Some of my favourite jewellers are Erica Leal, Linda Freedman Katz, Chi Cheng Li… There must be others but I can’t mention everyone!  And we are always getting new lines and new artists.   It’s hard to play favourites!


You’re known for your impeccable fashion sense! Any tips for turning an outfit from drab to fab?

You are too kind.  You have to look at the whole look including all the accessories. And it’s so important to wear the right colours for your skin and hair type.  And lastly, know your body type and wear those things that stress your best shape and hide your flaws.

Women, check you have the right bra!


As a grandmother, how do you think we can all help nurture the curiosity and creative nature of children?

Encourage creativity from the year one and don’t make the pictures look better by adding your own touch.

Sing to your children, grandchildren, and take them to concerts, theatre and places of art.