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Mystery Mug Fundraiser

Our 50-year-old furnace, nicknamed ‘big blue,’ died four years ago. We then switched to electric heat but the last two years have left staff and volunteers with red noses and the need for extreme layering of sweaters & tights in the winter and an never ending fight against silverfish in the summer.

To dry out this old building and avoid staff popsicles, we need to move back to gas heat. So we are hosting a fundraiser December 6th to raise the $6000 to get a new furnace – and we need your help!!!!!

We have asked our members to help by submitting practical, fanciful, sculptural or downright crazy mugs in a variety of media for this December’s fundraiser. We welcome mugs of all sorts –the drinking kind, not your face) We’d love to see mug inspired jewelry, mug depictions and mug mats or coasters, and any drinking related items.

What do a furnace and a mug have in common you say? They keep us cozy! Many of our mug-nificent artists have practical, sculptural, fanciful and downright crazy mugs to be sold at the event. The catch? All the mugs will be wrapped up in mystery boxes (valued at you$50 and $100) so you get to guess which one might be inside from their mugshots hung on the walls! Best part, after all the boxes have been sold we’ll open them up together and trade around to get your favourite!

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to bid on the mystery boxes containing mug-themed items at the silent auction, while enjoying delicious hot beverages and snacks. For only a $10 (suggested) donation you can get past the bouncer (Alice the office dog), a complimentary drink and snacks, the chance to bid on the one of a kind silent auction items and mystery mug boxes, AND your own “mug shot” at our photo booth.

Warm up at our fundraiser while helping the Craft Council of BC stay warm!

Please RSVP on Eventbrite! Donations can be made online or at the door.

Artists? Still haven’t submitted a donation? To submit your work fill out this form and drop off or mail in your work to arrive by November 30th.

Unable to attend the event? You can make a cash donation to heat our space!

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Our schedule for the evening:

7:00-7:30 | arrive, get a drink and some snacks, check out the mugs!

7:30-7:45 | hear the rules, plan your strategy and sneak some more snacks

8:00-8:20 | $50 boxes on sale, consult the mug-shots and make your pick, get a second drink to help with your sleuthing

8:20-8:40 | $50 mug swap, need to work on your detective skills? Trade around for your favourite mug! Grab a photo of you (and your mug?) at our mug-shot photo booth

8:40-9:00 | $100 boxes on sale: mug sets, mug jewellery, big mugs oh my!

9:00-9:20 | $100 mug swap, don’t forget about your silent auction bids for those fancier mugs!

9:30 | silent auction closes, winners announced to claim their mugnificent prizes

10:00 | mug hugs and goodbyes