Line Dufour: Fate, Destiny and Self Determination

Thursday, March 24, 2016 ― Thursday, May 05, 2016


Fate, Destiny and Self-Determination/Le Sort, Destin and l’Auto-determination is a tapestry installation generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council and co-created by people all over the world. Composed of three sections, it was designed and managed by Line Dufour, who wove the first panel  measuring 5’ x 3’ and exemplifies the  contemporary practice of tapestry weaving, where artist and weaver are one and the same. The second panel, measuring 5’ x 18” was woven by visiting participants ranging from the inexperienced and amateur to the professional. This referenced traditional tapestry conventions in that many weavers worked on the tapestry at the same time or at various stages and neither did they create the tapestry designs. Line documented those who wove this section both in pictures and video and as the project progressed, she kept participants updated via Facebook and emails. This audio visual component is exhibited with the tapestry installation.

The final section is composed of irregular shapes positioned with pins at varying heights, between the 2 main panels, floating freely in space, as though the tapestry is pulling apart or coming together.  As each shape arrives, Dufour photographs/documents it, posts it to her Tapestry blog, as well to as to the Facebook page for the project She also includes information about the participants such as their website if they have one, and other comments they have made about the project or about their work. Furthermore, the entire project has been documented on its Facebook page. Thus far,284 completed shapes have been received from 19 countries, and a total of about 178 people have participated in the entire project thus far. The installation continues to expand and build community as it accepts woven shapes on an ongoing basis and will do so indefinitely. 

If you are interested in participating in this ongoing project – by creating pieces in the gallery as the exhibit is on or by sending in a piece – please email