Amy Chang: Industrial Organs

Thursday, February 07, 2013 ― Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Chang’s work, our organs, often referred to as metaphorical gears in a machine, have materialized into real integrations of seemingly haphazardly arranged mechanical hardware and organic tissue.

″Industrial Organs″ draws parallels between the casting of ceramics/porcelain and the casting of artificial limbs and prosthetics. Similarly to the prosthetic limb, an organ is only useful in the context of a body. Without a body, the organ and prosthetic limb is functionless. This is also true for the mechanical parts that are attached to Chang′s pieces. Chang has taken elements out of their original context, the organ out of the body and the part out of the machine and combined them together, creating a new, but still functionless entity. In doing so, Chang highlights the original purpose of both elements and the new purposeless or unknown function of the new object.

Curated by Rossanne Clamp

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