Linda Doherty & Lynnette Gullackson : Metamorphosis

Thursday, August 21, 2014 ― Thursday, October 02, 2014

Metamorphosis is a collaboration of two artists, coming together receptive to each other’s creative vision to create vessels that demonstrate harmony of the contrasting materials. Each artist has their own separate practice. Ceramic artist Linda Doherty works from her pottery studio in the Nicola Valley. Her hand made, wheel thrown and extruded work is fi red in various ways. Fibre artist Lynnette Gullackson’s studio is in Fort Nelson BC where she creates art by manipulating various materials and fibres, often recycled. The exhibition is an exploration of the connection of two sisters living at opposite ends of the Province. Their collaboration of work in clay and pine needle basketry symbolizes both their connection and the interdependency of the Pine trees, Earth and Man. Both have witnessed the demise of the Ponderosa Pine trees from the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation. The contrast between the permanence of ceramic pottery and the fragility of the pine needles becomes more evident as the Ponderosa pine trees are being destroyed.