Georgina F. Lohan: Origins

Thursday, June 30, 2016 ― Thursday, August 11, 2016

Embedded in the material of the earth, are traces of the past.

Vertical stacks of porcelain sculpture tell stories of evolution and transformation. Life began in the sea and emerges onto land, interacting with the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Species diversify and adapt, growing and multiplying as humans enter the timeline. It is a realm of dramatic change and possibility, and we begin to understand it is magical….

Comments about the exhibition:

“I love the sea anemones…that you have done in the past & love that this is incorporated in Earth Energies. Wonderful work Georgina.” – Jane

“Stupendous work, Georgina! Your mastery excellente shows so powerfully in these mesmorizing pieces. Especially love ‘Oracle’ and ‘Defender’ (perhaps self portraits of your persona)…Thank you, always” – Brigitte

“Lovely lyrical chaos – describes you perfectly!” – Marta

“There are many things to love and admire in these pieces. I love the power & energy in the composition. The tensions that maintain the eyes interest & the inner eye’s fascination are masterful. Most of all I love the glazes, particularly in Defender but more specifically the Blue Mountain. They are enrapturing and utterly stunning. Thank you” – Darren Garside

“I love your impeccable level of detailed ornamentation, the carving, and the way Origins transports me to a primordial world of past, beyond human habitation. Origins points to the larger place humans sit within, and how to celebrate an evolutionary process – your artistic process as well…Congratulations!” – Karen

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