Eleanor Hannan: Portrait Lab: a collection of experiments in embroidery and the face

Thursday, August 17, 2017 ― Thursday, September 28, 2017

Portrait Lab is about my eclectic interest in the portrait through process, (allowing to evolve without necessarily crafting-not sure), expression, technique, meaning, facial design and structure, materials, scale and drawing. Yet everything in the show is (in one way or another) embroidery, so that too is an element that makes its contribution to the overall impact of the show in terms of variety of styles and stitches as communicators of experience and expression.

The Portrait Lab suggests a place where there is not just a single chemical element brewing (cause then nothing would happen). In this lab one element of my way of experiencing the portrait is introduced alongside another to generate a new way of knowing and seeing the portrait both for the viewer and myself. A new reaction is inevitable.

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image: Embroidered sketch for Navigate Stitch Bettina M portrait

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