Sharon Bussard Grove: SPOILED

Thursday, May 16, 2013 ― Thursday, June 27, 2013

In the sedimentary rock of the earth’s crust there are layers of clay, minerals and fossils. In the simplest of terms, these horizontal lines reflect back to us the process of time and movement. However there is a scientific distance that comes with examining the past. It is easy to remove yourself from this equation because, as in most stories already told, you know the ending.

Utilizing three elements from the ground, clay, oil and fossils, Sharon Bussard Grove tells a familiar story.

On top of each plinth rests the vulnerable, creatures encased in oil. The exhibition titled “SPOILED” reminds us of the devastating and irreversible effects of oil spills, while gesturing towards the larger geological continuum. However, there is no safe natural historic distance with Grove’s work. The animals are not safely wrapped in rocks formed years ago but exposed on plinths, tangibly reminding us of the current human responsibility.

Curated by Rossanne Clamp

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