Amanda McCavour: Testing, Testing 1,2,3

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 ― Thursday, May 07, 2015

This process based installation is a result of play, mistakes, patterns and colours manifested while exploring ideas of around growth and natural vs artificial – incorporating thread-based pieces reflecting small imagined ecosystems with those that have their own internal logic.

This exhibition is sponsored in part by the Ontario Arts Council.

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We would like to thank Globalme for their generous support our event!

A selection of what people said about this exhibition in the visitors book

“The movement and growing aspect of your work is well shown in this smaller intimate space- with unique light.” Chris Pozerycki, (Seattle)

“Thank you for your beautiful work. Eyelashes, feathers and jellyfish whispers.” -Tallie.

“You’ve created a lovely world! So impressive. I love the shadows of the flowers on the wall. Fascinating project!” Anon

“Feel like a mermaid. Hard not to touch.” –Daphne Baker



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