Penny Parry : to have & to hold – the physical book…more than a quaint tradition

Friday, October 14, 2016 ― Thursday, November 17, 2016

“To me, if the physical book were to become a museum piece, I fear that we would be one step closer to becoming efficient robots. The viewer will be challenged to consider what we would lose if we went head long into a world of  virtual books only.” Penny Parry

Within the next few generations, how many physical experiences will be traded in for virtual ones?  More to the point, what might we as humans lose – how might we change in our basic nature, in such a headlong rush to embrace the virtual?  This mixed media installation will challenge this thought by offering aspects of the ‘physical book experience’ that sharpen and feed our senses.

Penny Parry likes to play with ideas.  Her work is based in photography and narrative.  For many years, she has struggled with how to present her work and in doing so, has become more and more interested in the form and function of the book as a physical object.  In undertaking this exploration, the question of the impact of losing this particular experience evolved.

Using Alice in Wonderland as inspiration, Parry uses photography, found objects and the creation of a 5 ft story book to invite the viewer to explore the value and joy of the physical book. Come turn some very large pages!

To hear the artist talk please go here.

A review of this exhibition by Frances Hunter.