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Celebrating 40 years of investing in makers and the art they create!

The practitioners of craft and the objects they produce embody a long-term investment of skill, knowledge, ingenuity and time. Writer Malcolm Gladwell cites 10,000 hours as a threshold of proficiency - not an automatic recipe for success and virtuosity, but a significant down payment on understanding one's chosen discipline. As new projects are undertaken, new materials explored, new mistakes made, absorbed and overcome, the investment grows into greater vision, capability and commitment.

The Council believes the idea of investment is extended to many aspects of the craft community - not only to the makers, but also to our patrons (who cherish the objects themselves) and supporters (individual, institutional, government) who assist in other ways. Craftspeople's work speaks to those who, while not makers themselves, engage with the quality and expressiveness of the objects. A patron's and a society's investment celebrates the maker.

If you would like to see a complete listing of the sessions; locations and times please click here.

Craft Invested: 10,000 hrs Conference
Vancouver, October 17th - 20th, 2013.

The conference is designed to explore the various aspects of investment in craft while engaging the wide range of individuals that make up the craft sector from the hobbyist to the professional artist.

Thursday Oct 17th, 2013

The conference starts out with a community session, that brings together those organizations & institutions that support the craft sector through the distribution of craft - museum and gallery gift shops, craft markets, co-ops, and independent retailers. We will explore and validate our collective contribution to BC's cultural economy.

Our continuing partnership with the Vancouver Public Library, has given rise to a wider community examination of how origin, place & influence is translated through the medium of craft. This free public session at the Alice MacKay Room explores how Inuit, First Nations and contemporary craft artists understand "craft".

Friday Oct 18th, 2013
Sessions starting at 9am and going to 5pm explore the many intersections of craft with literature, cultural migration, function, and social justice, along with sessions that support the business and art practice for makers.

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Invested/40 Exhibition
Vancouver, October 18th - November 9th, 2013

For a listing of the artists in the exhibition please click here.

In the evening we celebrate the opening of - Invested/40 - with a gala fundraiser at the Pendulum Gallery. The exhibition was curated by  Dr. Sandra Alfoldy and explores the concept "Invested" through the prism of scale, material, process, form and place - characterizing the range of crafts being produced in British Columbia and examining why the appeal of craft continues to grow. The funds raised this evening are for our youth programming which builds appreciation for, and the future audience of craft.

Saturday Oct 19th, 2013
Saturday's daytime sessions deepen the conversation around how the 'handmade' interacts with technology; consumerism; sustainability; identity; culture creation and culture production, while providing opportunities for artists to better understand the types of support available for their art practice.

The Canadian Crafts Federation (CCF/FCMA) presents an evening conversation featuring Jonathon Bancroft-Snell (Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery, Ontario), Denis Longchamps (The Rooms Provincial Gallery, Newfoundland) and Victoria Henry (Canada Council Art Bank, Ontario), moderated by Dr. Sandra Alfoldy (Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University, Nova Scotia). They will explore such questions as - what inspires a collector to invest in Craft, and what influences their selections; what connects a viewer to a work of art, and how does one massage this connection from simple admiration or interest into a purchase and is it more important for the audience to connect to Craft in a visceral manner, or should insight into the artists inspiration influence that response? So it should be a very lively discussion!

Sunday October 20th, 2013

In partnership with Etsy Canada, the Craft Council of British Columbia is delighted to offer a day-long hands-on workshop for makers featuring Etsy Ambassador Jonathon Wayne.

Conference Schedule at a Glance

Thursday, October 17th

Craft and British Columbia's Economy, 1-4pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
This invitational session will explore the economic impact craft has on British Columbia's economy. The main distributors of craft across the province - including craft markets, gallery/museum gift shops, and craft retailers will gather to share experiences and start to create a stronger voice for the craft sectors' economic impact.
Presented by Craft Council Staff.

Craft - Origin, Place and Influence, 7-8:30pm (Alice Mckay Room, Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia, Vancouver )
A free panel discussion open to the public that contrasts and compares the various conceptual "traditions" which make up our understanding of contemporary craft. The panelists will explore how craft positions itself within each tradition.
Moderator- Lou Lynn
Speakers- Brenda Crabtree, Rowena House, and Amy Gogarty

Friday, October 18th

JJ Lee-Craft Invested:10,000 hours, 9-10:15am (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
JJ Lee is the noted author of The Measure of a Man - the story of a father, a son and a suit. In his book, JJ shows a respect and appreciation for the qualities that true craft embody. By writing of his father, his father's suit, and his own learning process in trying to alter it, he unveils a tale of the professional tailors at Modernize, a venerable tailoring shop in Vancouver, and of his first-hand concerted investment in understanding the trade. He has a keen grasp of the 10,000 hours one needs to invest to achieve a basic proficiency (as described by Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers) but also that there is an elusive ingredient beyond that. One can be diligent, studious, plan carefully, have all the right tools and still wrestle with the desired outcome. He evokes the sheer power of the object - the symbolism, the depth of memory attached to it as well as its materiality, its presence. As craftspeople, we strive to make objects that speak across time and cultures.
Introductory Speaker- Bettina Matzkuhn
Presented by JJ Lee

Craft and Cultural Migration, 10:30am-12pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Many of us came here from somewhere else, or are descended from those who did. Our languages, cultural histories and migratory adventures inform our creativity in subtle or obvious ways. Each panelist will reflect on how her or his work has been influenced by their heritage - those aspects they have maintained or built on as well as those they have left behind. Honouring a culture while embracing a new set of circumstances, is a recurrent artistic challenge, but this van often be a catalyst for an ongoing creative dialogue within ourselves as artists and with our wider audience.
Moderated by Penny Parry
Speakers: Mimi Gellman, Chi Lee, Jenny Judge

The Function of Function, 10:30am-12pm (Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Function or usefulness has often been recognized as a hallmark of craft. Yet function may be interpreted in different ways. For many contemporary craftspeople, function is not a primary concern while for others function serves to reference the enduring connection to our everyday lives. As their work demonstrates, the panelists in this session address function from a variety of angles: as part of a conceptual statement, as a marker of a cultural presence, as a metaphor, as a practical aspect of the work. This session will allow us to appreciate function as neither good nor bad but as a conscious consideration - an ingredient that informs the work.
Moderated by Steve DiPasquale
Speakers: Peter Pierobon, Vivian Baumann, Michelle Sirois-Silver, Jacqueline Robins

Making Noise About Craft, 1:30-3pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Craft, in these peoples' hands, is hardly a demure doily or shy object. They use craft and especially its processes to be rebellious, socially constructive, funny and to rock quite stable boats. They bring attention to the possibilities craft provides to influence us and open new doors. While some craftspeople might work in solitude, our panelists can involve an entire community. More than a wordy critique, their work proposes, constructs, and activates. Listen to how craft-making is being used as a means of social action - on a group or personal rebellion basis, as the 'glue' for building social networks, and as a tool to individual well-being and overall societal health.
Moderated by Maegen Black
Speakers: Jenna Herbut,Jessica Glesby, Sam Bradd

Pitching a show/Getting funding, 3:15-4:45pm (Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
How does a bright idea end up as an exhibition? You've invested in your skills, education and processes. So what will move people, institutions or granting bodies to invest in your idea? How can you demonstrate that you are capable of pulling this off? How can you stand out from the pack while remaining true to the kind of work into which you've poured your energy? This panel is comprised of people from various venue, including public and private galleries, artist run centers, granting bodies etc. This group consists of people who will or have received your proposals. Find our what they are considering when they open it.
Moderated by Ted Lederer
Speakers: Jose Niaison, Natalie Panovic, Walter Quan

Invested/40 Exhibition - Gala Fundraiser, 7-9pm (Pendulum Gallery)
The Craft Council of British Columbia's exhibition "Invested" celebrates the work of artists who have dedicated their lives to the crafts - to the creation of outstanding art objects while experiencing the joy of fully investing oneself in this demanding field. In today's economic and cultural climate where the terms "craft," "craftsmanship" and "artisan" are commonly used by major corporations in marketing campaigns it is more important than ever to discuss and debate how the artists in this show represent an investment in craft, why this matters, and how it can inspire future generations to dedicate themselves to British Columbian crafts.

Successes in Online Promotion, 3:15-4:45pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Crafts have recently taken over the internet; from Etsy to Pinterest and countless blogs in-between...But what exactly does it look like to participate in the online craft community? What is this 'community' anyways, and does every craft artist need to get involved? This panel asks four individuals to speak to their experience using online platforms. Two of the speakers make and sell their own work, while the other two speakers work as craft culture promoters. Join us as we get to the bottom of this crafty business.
Moderated by Lori Burke
Speakers: Athena Theny, Kim Werker, Lincoln Heller

Picture Perfect:Online Portfolios and Applications, 1:30-3pm (Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
So you need to submit your work on the Internet. "It's not the same" you say, "It's better to hold the cup". Yes, this is true. It is much better to hold a cup then to see a photograph online. However, you can improve your required online application with a little bit of know-how. This workshop will run through common photography mistakes and the basics of putting together an online portfolio. Additionally, this workshop will demonstrate common application formats and how to make your final product look professional.
Workshop will be lead by Rossanne Clamp.

Saturday, October 19th

Craft, Consumerism and Sustainability, 9-10:15am (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Sustainability has been used so often, one fears it will lose its meaning. In 'corporate speak', this vagueness makes us skeptical, even mistrustful. But these 4 panelists all walk the walk in their practices; their work uses, celebrates and supports processes and materials that take into account the environment, the lives of their customers, and the effects on themselves and other who work with them. How can we make work that treads lightly and behaves honourably? How does craft fit into the contemporary state of ecology and what is its place in a world of cheap, fast and toxic?
Moderated by Bettina Matzkuhn
Speakers: Luci Lyte, Joan Carrigan, Doug Lane, Rebecca Graham

Technology and Craft - Thinking with Tools, 10:30am-12pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
From the potter's wheel to the weaver's digital pattern maker, where there is technique, there are tools and technology. Our panel includes a range of craft artists- some of whom work from a tradition thousands of years old and some who have adopted modern technology within their work. Each will address how tools themselves unlock new ways of creating meaning, and how their attendant processes generate ideas. Whether old or new, technology reflects the unique vision of the maker lends its potential to extend the hand's capabilities. Moderated by Ruth Scheuing
Speakers: Jen Hiebert, Luke Parnell, Sid Samphire


Craft: A Scary Word, 10:30am-12pm (Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Everyone from investment agencies to Starbucks uses the word "craft" with abandon. What exactly do they want us to associate with this word? Why is it desirable, even prestigious, in these contexts? Over the past few decades, craftspeople have shied away from the C word, concerned with intimations of bricolage - popsiclesticks with macaroni glued on. And yet, craft endures in its many manifestations and levels of quality. We invite a curator, a scholar, an advertising wiz and a craft artist to give us a tour of the many facets of this word.
Moderated by Nadeane Trowse
Speakers: Brady Dahmer, Diane Carr, Mariko Paterson

Craft and Retail: Who's buying? 1:30-3pm (Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
In the evolving world of global economics, cultural exchanges, "big box" low cost with questionable quality goods, easy travel and evolving aesthetics, who are our customers? Boomers are downsizing into little condos, while the young van hardly afford a little condo. Who is flocking to buy and see what? What are some of the marketing strategies to identify and respond to various customer markets? Join this session to hear the views of those representing a range of retail venues for craft including craft fairs, co-ops, online and retail outlets.
Moderated by Katherine Youngs
Speakers: Jo Darts, Diana Sanderson, Sarah Murray, Meredith Nicole

Crafting Culture, 1:30-3pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Traditional and modern - craft, and the status afforded it, are a mirror of and a maker of a culture's values. Join our panelists to take a hard look at where contemporary craft is situated in Canadian society and within the art establishment. Hear the views of a contemporary provocative ceramicist, a community-based curator, and gallery and museum representatives. Each of the panelists is also challenged to recommend what we, as makers and supporters of craft, can do to highlight craft's contributions to the creation of and the documenting of our society.
Moderated by MaryLou Trinkwon
Speakers: Liane Davison, Heather Deal, Lou Lynn, Carol Mayer

Marketing Forum - Round Table, 3:15-4:45pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
If you are a Creative Solopreneur, you won’t want to miss out on this event: Deborah Richardson our Entrepreneur in Residence will be facilitating a Group Coaching Forum focused on the challenges of ‘Marketing your Own Brand’. This is a chance to connect to your peers, share experiences, learn new marketing strategies and energize opportunity. There is limited space, up to a maximum of 12 participants to ensure that each entrepreneur will have a chance to put forth a challenge or a need and have individual time in the spotlight. Reserve your seat today!
Speaker: Deborah Richardson

Saidye Bronfman Award, 3:15-4:45pm (Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island)
Presenter Niaison José Program officer for the visual arts section of the Canada Council for the Arts

Connection and Collection, 6-9pm (Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island) - this session is not included in your conference 2 day pass
Connection and collection, organized by Canadian Crafts Federation/FCMA, will act as the closing event of the conference, focusing on the ways in which Craft is treated, presented, collected and interpreted once it has left the artist's studio. Questions for speakers to address will include:
-What inspires a collector to invest in Craft and how do they make their selections?
-What is it that connects a viewer to a work of art, and how does one massage this connection from simple admiration or interest into purchase?
-Is it a benefit or a detriment to use (or not use) the terminology of Craft?
-Is it more important for the audience to connect to Craft in a visceral manner, or should insight into the artists inspiration influence that response?
These questions and more will be debated by the panel of speakers, each selected for their unique perspective on the networks that connect artists to audience.
Keynote and Moderated by Dr.Sandra Alfoldy
Speakers: Victoria Henry, Denis Longchamps, Jonathon Bancroft-Snell

Sunday, October 20th

Etsy Workshop, 9am-5pm (Studio 1398) - this session is not included in your 2 day conference pass
Etsy Me: Presented by Etsy Canada in partnership with the BC Craft Council The day-long hands-on Etsy workshop will provide independent makers, crafters, artists and designers with the tools they need to launch their creative careers and Etsy shops. The workshop will feature experts on a range of topics, including product photography, social media, branding, wholesale, business finances and more.Whether you're just starting your Etsy shop or you're looking to grow your creative business and turn it into a full time job, this workshop will have relevant information and provide tools for success for makers at all stages in their careers.
Speaker: Jonathon Wayne

Presenter's Bios

Dr. Sandra Alfoldy (Keynote & Moderator)- Connections & Collections
Sandra is a professor in Craft History at NSCAD University Dr. Alfoldy received her Ph.D. in craft history from history from Concordia University in 2001, and completed her post-docotoral fellowship at the University of Rochester in 2002. She is the author of "The Allied Arts: Architecture and Craft" (2012) and "Crafting Identity: the development of professional fine craft in Canada" (2005).
Bancroft-Snell, Jonathon - Connections & Collections
Jonathon is the owner of the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery, established in 2000 with the express purpose of showcasing Canadian Art. The gallery has evolved into the largest contemporary ceramic gallery in Canada. Since opening, the gallery has featured the work of over 150 of Canada's leading ceramic artists. It also showcases the work of many of Canada's leading metalsmith's including the renowned Lois Etherington-Betteridge.Jonathon's educational background is in psychology, however, for the past 40 years he has been particularly interested in retail. He worked for the Wedgewood Group in England at Harrods which gave him a strong working knowledge of ceramic production at the commercial level. This background and a personal love of the ceramic arts was the catalyst for his deciding to specialize in Canadian ceramics. His goal is to educate the public about the difference between craft and art in Canadian ceramics.To achieve this goal, he hosts a minimum of 6 ceramic exhibitions annually with a major exhibition every August. Matter of Lay III in 2011 had a participation of 102 artists from across Canada with over 70 attending the opening.Jonathon is a frequent speaker on Contemporary Canadian Ceramics and presented a ceramic appreciation course at the University of Western Ontario. Recently, he was a guest speaker at the Craft Alliance's Atlantic Craft Trade Show in Halifax. His first book on ceramics "Walter Dexter RCA - The Torso Masterworks" was published in 2012. Publication of a monograph on Vera Vincente of Montreal and the late Joanne Copp of British Columbia is schedule for mid-2013. Jonathon was a 2012 recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal. He is also a recipient of the John Mather award and the Cody Award.
Baumann, Vivian - The Function of Function
Vivian Baumann builds costumes, clothing and soft props for performers. She first started her career 27 years ago as a pattern drafter and grader in the Toronto garment industry. Her work evolved creating costumes for theatrical productions for ‘Live Entertainment’, ‘Mirvish’, the ‘Stratford’ and ‘Shaw’ festivals and ‘National Ballet of Canada’. Her services cater primarily to the local film and television industry. Some of her credits include the movie ‘X-men’, ‘I Robot’, ‘Tron II Legacy’, and ‘Sucker Punch’. She continues to apply her creative knowledge and technical skills to produce clothing and niche product, as well as teaching a new generation of costumers.
Black, Maegen - Making Noise About Craft
As the Administrative Director of the Canadian Crafts Federation, Maegen Black works to promote collaboration and facilitate opportunities for collective action to benefit Canadian Craft on a national level. Working with the organization since 2006, her background in craft is extensive. A graduate of the jewellery and metalsmithing program at the Ontario College of Art and Design University, she has a Bachelor of Design and a passion for all forms of craft practice. She has volunteered as a board member and editor for the Metal Arts Guild of Canada, as a juror and consultant for the New Brunswick Crafts Council, and is currently the Vice President of the North American Region of the World Craft Council. Maegen is also a freelance curator and writer, and has presented lectures across Canada, in China, Cuba and South Korea.
Bradd, Sam - Making Noise About Craft
Sam Bradd is involved with various grassroots groups that bring together art, craft, and community. His work is connected by a vision of Drawing Change: visuals strengthen social movements. He is a letterpress printer and co-founder of the Vancouver Letterpress League, a member of the Graphic History Collective publishing historical comics, and was a co-organizer of Crafts for a Cause for 5 years. His day job is as a graphic recorder: he listens deeply to groups and draws their ideas in real time. Sam's illustrations and graphic recordings have supported the work of many progressive organizations.
Burke, Lori - Success in Online Promotion
Lori Burke is the Executive Director at Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design, capebretoncraft.com, where she works with a strong team to promote Cape Breton artisans' fine craft regionally, nationally and internationally. Lori began her career in craft as the Marketing Manager at the Centre where she developed a strong online presence for Cape Breton artisans using social media communication tools (@CapeBretonCraft) and an across platform Mobile Phone App (Cape Breton Artisans) to promote the craft sector. Lori is a strong proponent of the power of Online Promotion to reach new audiences and drive sales for the craft sector.
Carr, Diane - Craft: A Scary Word
Diane Carr joined the fledgling Craftsmen's Association of B.C. in the early 1970s, while she owned the ‘Potters Wheel Gallery’ in Victoria. As a member of the board of the CABC she chaired the founding committee of the Cartwright Street Gallery, forerunner of the Canadian Craft Museum and the first public gallery for the crafts in Canada, and subsequently became its founding Director/Curator. After a lengthy hiatus from the craft scene, she curated last year's significant exhibition for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Back to the Land: Ceramics from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands 1970-1985. She holds a BA in History in Art from the University of Victoria.
Clamp, Rossanne - Picture Perfect: Online Portfolios and Applications
Rossanne has a deep love for the arts, especially photos. She has worked as a gallery co-director and photo re-toucher, been a guest art teacher, graduated from Emily Carr in photography and recently completed a degree in Art History at Concordia in Montreal. She is an intern at the Craft Council of BC and actively involved in exhibition co-ordination, website design, social media campaigns, archiving images as well as curatorial activities. She also works for the Canadian Craft Federation.
Crabtree, Brenda - Craft, Consumerism & Sustainability
Brenda Crabtree is the Aboriginal Program Manager at Emily Carr. She received her BA and MA (Cultural Anthropology) from Western Washington University. Her teaching and art practice focuses on both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal materials and techniques. She develops Aboriginal content curriculum and teaches Aboriginal art history and Aboriginal studio based courses as a sessional. She belongs to the Spuzzum Band and has both Nlaka'pamux and Sto:lo ancestry.
Dahmer, Brady - Craft: A Scary Word
Brady Dahmer is the CEO of BD/D, a predominant strategy and branding firm in Vancouver BC. He loves fusing creativity and intellect, observation and art, meaning and thoughtfulness to deliver what people need most: engagement.For the past 12 years Brady has built a fresh thinking company with expertise ranging from comprehensive strategy and brand development, to memorable identities and marketing campaigns. They count among their clients some of Canada’s leading corporate and consumer brands, including Telus, Virgin Radio, Electronic Arts, City of Richmond and SAP. Brady has currently launched a mens accessory line under the brand Head and Heart Clothing - recapturing the essence of once again wearing and giving something with meaning as our grandfathers once did.To launch he created a very limited edition line of pocket squares with inspiration and wit. These pocket squares, created with the highest production and ethical standards, are beautifully hand lettered and gorgeously printed, then finished meticulously by hand so that each one is unique in its own way.
Davison, Liane - Crafting Culture
Liane Davison has curated over 100 exhibitions on contemporary art practice from interactive media through to lawn ornaments. Her writing has been published in over 30 catalogues and her work supporting digital art has been recognized internationally. In 1998 she initiated the Surrey Art Gallery’s TechLab, a unique venue dedicated to supporting the production and presentation of digital art forms, including artist’s residencies and exhibitions featuring ceramics, fibre and technology. She is currently the Director of the Surrey Art Gallery, and as Surrey’s Manager of Visual and Community Art, directs the City’s public art program.
Deal, Heather - Crafting Culture
Heather is a professional biologist and an environmental educator and activist who is a Vancouver City Counselor. Heather brings her passions for sustainability, arts and culture, accessibility and affordability to City Hall. She has brought forward initiatives that support artists and expand creative spaces in the city.
DiPasquale, Steve - The Function of Function
Steve DiPasquale, educated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, and a Master of Architecture from the University of British Columbia, has broad experience in design at many scales, and has worked for several architecture and design firms in the Lower Mainland. He is currently a registered Intern Architect with Hughes Condon Marler Architects where he is contributing to important civic projects, specifically two libraries in Edmonton, Alberta, and an aquatic centre in Surrey, BC. He is active as an educator, serving as a Teaching Assistant and regular guest critic at the University of British Columbia School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.
Gellman, Mimi - Craft & Cultural Migration
Mimi Gellman, an Ashkenazi/Anishinabe/Métis, is an Associate Professor in the faculty of Culture and Community at Emily Carr University. She has been a practicing conceptual artist and curator for many years, and is a former design instructor on design methodologies and ethics at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her work can be found in the corporate collections of Price Waterhouse, Rogers Stadium, Kraft General Foods and in numerous public sites in the city of Toronto. She recently exhibited her work in the seminal exhibition, 'On line', at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her Master of Visual Studies degree in the aesthetics of walking was completed in 2009 at the University of Toronto and she is currently working on her project based PhD, 'Between the Dreamtime and the GPS/ the Metaphysics of Indigenous Mapping,' in the Cultural Studies program at Queens University.
Heller, Lincoln - Successes in Online Promotions
•‘Fiveleft leather goods’ marry sleek modernism with rugged saddlery tradition. Owner Lincoln Heller brings these contrary esthetics together by hammering found objects into leather and dying them to produce fiveleft’s stunning colour pallet. To pay for art school Lincoln worked in an Alaskan logging camp, where he began working with leather by making tool pouches from discarded boots. Upon returning to Vancouver B.C. he began building custom bags for men based on one of his own creations. Now, Lincoln has developed Fiveleft leather into a full line of accessories for men and women. With each new season Fiveleft leather’s unconventional look keeps gaining recognition as lincoln continues to seek for the balance of artistry and business, hand-made and mass production.
Henry, Victoria - Connections & Collections
Victoria graduated from the University of Toronto in Fine Art in 1967, and later received her Masters degree in Canadian Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. From 1967-1975, she lived and worked in India and Zambia, where she became aware of the depth of the cultural practices in these two countries. When she returned to Canada in 1975 she devoted herself to creating an understanding of the Canadian cultural dynamic as the Director/Owner of the Ufundi Gallery in Ottawa. When she closed the Gallery in 1992, she worked as an independent curator; and then joined the staff of the Canadian Museum of Civilization as the Chief of Partnerships and Product Development in the newly formed Commercial Enterprises.Ms. Henry has been the Director of the Canada Council Art Bank since 1999, a time when the Art Bank was making a concerted effort to become self-sufficient for the first time since its inception. With a collection of approximately 18,000 works of art, the Art Bank now services over 230 clients throughout Canada. in 2002-3, Ms. Henry participated in two Canadian Trade Missions, one to Mumbai and New Delhi and the second to Senegal, Nigeria and South Africa. She has worked with several governments to assist with the development of a program modeled on the Art Bank, most notably with the Ministry of Culture in South Africa. In 2007, Ms. Henry edited "Art at Work/L'art au travail", a book celebrating the history of the Art Bank.Ms. Henry's experience in the arts, culture, business and marketing have helped her build the Art Bank to what it is today, a financially successful business devoted to the development of the visual arts - a Canadian success story. Ms. Henry is both a collector and major donor of artwork and fine craft with considerable donations to the Carleton University Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Canada, the Textile Museum, the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Ottawa Art Gallery. She is also a photographer and continues to enjoy working with black and white film and developing her photos with traditional darm room practice. In 2007, Ms. Henry's contributions were recognized by the Regroupment des gens d'affaires (RGA) at their 2007 Gala de l'excellence, where she was named Director of the Year. She was awarded the Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal in 2012.
Herbut, Jenna - Making Noise About Craft
Jenna Herbut lives and breathes handmade. She is the co-producer of the rapidly growing ‘Make It’ craft show and ‘Make It’ University, an online business training program for creative entrepreneurs. Working with so many talented artisans and designers inspired Jenna to share their incredible stories, and currently she is filming a documentary about the handmade community called, 'Make It Happen'. She believes that it IS possible to do what you love and that you should always be passionate about your work.
Hiebert, Jen - Technology & Craft- Thinking With Tools
Jen Hiebert lives in Vancouver and loves technology and the puzzle of figuring out how things work. A graduate of the Capilano University Textile Arts program, her art and design practice has included tapestry weaving, dyeing, drawing, and digital design for production weaving and packaging. As a studio technician and instructor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, she helps students navigate their creativity with sewing machines, looms, laser engraving, digital embroidery, and Adobe Creative Suite digital programs.
House, Rowena - Craft, Canadian Perspectives
Rowena House has been the executive director at Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association since 2009. NACA is an arts and crafts association supporting and promoting the development and growth of Nunavut's arts and crafts sector through communications, advocacy and marketing domestically and globally.
Judge, Jenny - Craft and Cultural Migration
Jenny Judge was a Vancouverite for over 13 years and currently lives in Matapouri, New Zealand. She holds an M.F.A in Sculpture from the University of Minnesota (1992) and was introduced to Kiln-Cast Glass on her first trip to New Zealand in 2004. She also works in Ceramics and Fibre, and is currently investigating 3D computer printing for object design in her Installation Work. Jenny is a 'World of Wearable Art' Finalist (Bizarre Bra Section) and her recent exhibitions include The Ranamok Glass Exhibition in Australia, New Zealand National Fibre Exhibition, and The Cheongju International Craft Biennale in the Canadian pavilion. “I feel as though I am constantly migrating...not only between the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, but also between the materials and processes that I use in my Craft and Installation work. My sense of ‘belonging’ or ‘not belonging’ to a culture informs my practice and directions that my work takes.”
Lane, Doug - Craft, Consumerism, and Sustainability
For 17 years, Doug Lane has been exploring the use of simple lines and natural materials to create memorable and enduring pieces that enhance the urban environment.Specializing in design and build projects, for both commercial and residential spaces, Doug uses large chunks of local reclaimed timber, fallen wood, and bamboo to create custom furniture and complete environments.All DLF products are designed and carefully built by hand with honest materials in Vancouver, Canada
Lee, JJ - Craft Invested, 10,000 Hours
JJ Lee studied fine arts at Concordia University and holds a Master of Architecture degree from UBC. He is the author of ‘The Measure of a Man: The Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit’ published by McClelland & Stewart. The Measure of a Man was shortlisted for the 2011 Governor-General’s Literary Award for Non-fiction, among other notable Prizes in this arena. His fashion and personal essays are published in ELLE Canada. JJ writes a menswear advice column for the Vancouver Sun. He writes about menswear for the National Post.
Lederer, Ted - Pitching a Show, Getting Funding
Ted Lederer has owned and operated the Elliott Louis Gallery for 12+ years. At the end of June 2012 Ted closed the physical gallery and now operates as an on-line gallery. The Elliott Louis Gallery has represented fibre artists Joanna Staniszkis, Barbara Heller and Jane Kenyon. Mr. Lederer has strong opinions about the split between “craft” and “fine art” and the philosophical differences and commercial realties of that dichotomy. His unique position as being possibly the only Fine Art dealer in Vancouver, and perhaps one of the only fine art dealers in Canada to represent fibre artists gives him a unique perspective.
Lee, Chi Cheng - Craft and Cultural Migration
Chi’s work is inspired by a lifetime of cross-cultural experience and exposure to art, architecture and natural wonder. She has lived in New York and Asia, but now resides in beautiful West Vancouver. She grew up in an artistic family with her father as an oriental watercolors painter and a sister who indulged in contemporary fine art. Chi’s designs combine classic sensibilities with modernisms that adorn the body with balance and harmony. A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, her artistic journey includes working internationally with luxury design house Harry Winston for over fifteen years.
Longchamps, Denis - Connections and Collections
Denis is the Exhibition and Publication Manager at The Rooms Provincial Gallery in Newfoundland. With an extensive education including a bachelor of art from York University in Toronto, a Masters and Ph.D. in Art History from Concordia University in Montreal, and as a visiting fellow at the Yale Center for British Art in Connecticut, Denis is one of Canada's top Craft scholars. Since 2006, Denis has edited and published the national, bilingual Craft Journal - 'Cahier métiers d'art', featuring in depth essays and articles about Canadian contemporary and historical Craft, adding significantly to the documented history of the sector. His experience goes beyond academics and editorial, as he has taught, curated, consulted and more over the course of his 12 year professional career. The recipient of multiple grants and scholarships, Denis is a lauded voice of the Craft community, who continues to contribute to the growing field.
Lynn, Lou - Craft, Canadian Perspectives, and Crafting Culutre
Lou Lynn, RCA has produced glass sculpture widely exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in prominent public collections that include the Canadian Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, QC; Canadian Clay & Glass Museum, Waterloo, ON; Claridge Collection, Montreal, QC; Foreign Affairs Canada – Berlin Embassy Collection, Germany; Glasmuseum. Ebeltoft, Denmark; Kamloops Public Art Gallery, Kamloops, BC; Xerox of Canada Collection, Toronto, ON; Yunnan Hanrongxuan Art Museum, Kunming, China; and the Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY.
Lytle,Luci - Craft, Consumerism, and Sustainability
Since her early years with the Girl Guides and the first Earth Day, Luci has been concerned with the environment and recycling. It is no accident that she works with recycled materials as she is fascinated by what others discard and appreciates the patina of wear, the usefulness of the broken, and the charm of the forgotten. Luci enjoys rescuing the flotsam and jetsam of our modern world. She loves the alchemy of transforming an ordinary, everyday corrugated box into something new and extraordinary. Her work quickly evolved into mosaics, which is perfect for taking broken fragments and reconfiguring the pieces to form something new and whole.
Matzkuhn, Bettina - Craft Invested, 10,000 Hours and Craft, Consumerism and Sustainability
Bettina Matzkuhn has worked in fibre for 30 years with an emphasis on embroidery and fabric collage. She holds a BFA in Visual Arts and an MA in Liberal Studies from Simon Fraser University. In the 1980s she animated and directed three award-winning films using textiles for the National Film Board of Canada and an interest in narrative continues to inform her work. She explores personal and social narratives about history, geography and the natural world. She exhibits her work in Canada and internationally, writes professionally on the arts, lectures and teaches.
Mayer, Carol - Crafting Culture
Dr. Carol E. Mayer is head of the curatorial department at the UBC Museum of Anthropology (MOA) where she is responsible for the ceramics collections and collections from the Pacific and Africa. She serves on the Boards of the Northwest Ceramics Foundation and the Pacific Arts Association, and is a Life Member of the BC Potters Guild. She has curated more than forty exhibitions including the permanent installation of European ceramics at MOA. She is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships including the ICOM (Canada) International Award of Excellence and the Independence Medal for her cultural contribution to the Republic of Vanuatu.
Murray, Sarah - Who's Buying
Sarah Murray has worked in different facets of fashion and journalism since 1996. She operates 'Fashion Capsule', a boutique publicity and sales agency for Canadian and Eco fashion and accessory brands. Focused on helping independent designers succeed in the world of fashion, Sarah introduces brands to the retailers then she spreads the word to the media through press releases and directed pitches. She also invites stylists to her showroom and hosts The Designer Bank blog for shoppers. Sarah is dedicated to the philosophy of Dress Local and is committed to promoting fashion with a cause.
Niaison, Jose - Pitching a Show, Getting Funding
Jose Niaison has worked at the Canada Council for the Arts since 1999. His responsibilities as Program Officer in the Visual Arts Section include contemporary fine craft programs for individuals and organizations, as well as operating grants to museums and public galleries, and the Acquisition Assistance program and grants to visual arts professionals. His experience also includes the Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts and the Saydie Bronfman Award competitions.
Nicloe, Meredith - Who's Buying
Meredith Nicole is an Artisan of heirloom quality furniture, writer, gallery owner and educator. She discovered her love for furniture making in 1998 while earning her BA of Visual Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She continued her studies of design in Taipei, Taiwan, followed by learning antique restoration in England. In 2008 she relocated back to Canada to study at Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking. This past 18 months Meredith reduced the time she spent in her wood shop to create Oden Gallery, an online source for North American hand-crafted contemporary furniture and the Artisans who create it.
Panovic, Natalie - Pitching a Show, Getting Funding
Natalie Panovic is an art consultant with Gallery Jones, representing mid to senior career artists that are collected internationally. She finalized a bachelor of fine arts degree from Simon Fraser University in 2009 and brings expertise in the realm of public relations and promotion. Natalie has attained a specialized understanding of cultivating and nurturing relationships with clients and evolving artists. Her marketing strategies are thoughtful and vibrant, leaning towards an emphasis on local business support and integration with other established firms. Her marketing accomplishments have gained the gallery notoriety in the public media and local community.
Parnell, Luke - Technology of Craft, Thinking with Tools
Working in the artistic traditions of his Nisga’a and Haida ancestors, Luke Parnell integrates his training in traditional Northwest Coast carving techniques, styles, and imagery, with the skills and knowledge learned from his Western mainstream university art education. Through the use of narrative and recognizable Northwest Coast iconography Parnell comments on complex issues such as repatriation of cultural remains, cultural identity, and the survival and transformation of native culture and its interface with non-aboriginal cultures. As he explains, “My methodology is to protect cultural knowledge but still create art that is not devoid of meaning. I’ve done that by showing that my work is part of a lineage and not a break from ‘tradition.’ ”
Parry, Penny - Craft and Cultural Migration
Penny is a retired psychologist who, after serving as the Child and Youth Advocate for the City of Vancouver, decided to go back to school and had a wonderful four years at Emily Carr. She now divides her time between her art and community and political projects. Her art practice is based in photography and narrative. In terms of technique, she likes to keep one foot in pinhole and the old printing out processes and the other foot in the digital world to ensure there is no end to the learning process. She is currently on the board of CCBC as Past President – and is the BC Board representative to the Canadian Craft Federation.
Paterson, Mariko - Craft is a Scary Word
Mariko Paterson has been around the ceramic block. Born and raised in Vancouver, she skedaddled after a stint at Langara College to pursue a degree at the Alberta College of Art and then Kent State University to complete her MFA degree. While she has also made New York, Michigan, Ohio and Manitoba as points of professional pursuits, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia now serves as ceramic headquarters.Historical meets handbuilding where her sculptural interests lay, but a dalliance with the pottery wheel has resulted in both forms and a forum for exploring her love of creamy cone 6 clay bodies and illustration.
Pierobon, Peter - The Function of Function
Peter’s inspirations have largely come from the world of fine art and in particular from indigenous cultures around the world. He seeks to establish a fresh relationship between the primitive and the sophisticated, traditional and modern, while maintaining respect for the craft tradition. Primarily made of wood, his furniture seeks to satisfy functional needs while challenging precedents of design and concept. In the process, a personal vocabulary has evolved that reflects these criteria and the landscape that Peter lives in.
Quan, Walter - Pitching a Show, Getting Funding
For over 21 years, Walter Quan has been the friendly voice at the end of the telephone (and now email!) at the British Columbia Arts Council where he is the Program Officer for Arts Awards for Individuals. He administers the Project Assistance for Visual Artists program, among others. His training includes Human Resources and Clarinet at UBC. He is a native Vancouverite who knits, sells sushi candles at the Powell Street Festival's Craft Market, and demonstrates folding Chinese Funerary Paper at the Night for All Souls at Mountainview Cemetery (next weekend: Oct 26!).
Richardson, Deborah - Marketing Roundtable
Deborah Richardson is a hybrid of Business and Design, an Entrepreneur for the past 20 plus years, intentionally navigating through diverse areas of interest, landing as a Business Mentor and Executive Coach. Deborah specializes in Entrepreneurship and Career Mapping, assisting clients to maximize their true potential through one-to-one caching and business building techniques. She coaches to promote a conscious direction, to increase productivity, to energize opportunity and intentionally design realities
Robins, Jacqueline - The Function of Function
Train tracks, cranes, window panes, feathers and bone. Shoelace wires, patinaed desires, loose-leaf and blown. Jacqueline’s ceramic work is narrative. Her ‘Home Sweet Home’ line reflects her experience living and working in East Van. She takes photos while walking with her dog Sailor, rollerskating or cycling in her neighbourhood. Bicycles, maps, powerlines, and the ubiquitous “crow” are all familiar to one who lives in Vancouver. These stories imbue her work in images applied with underglazes, impressing, screening, and embossing. These are derivatives of traditional printmaking techniques. Both mid-temperature white clay and porcelain are Jacqueline’s preferred medium being strong and smooth.
Samphire, Sid - The Technology of Craft: Thinking with Tools
Sid studied painting and wood engraving at art school in England (1958/61). The following year he earned an art teaching qualification that allowed me to teach for the next thirty six years in England, Canada and Australia. With his wife, he immigrated to BC in 1965 where his interest in clay was sparked by the work his wife was doing. 1972/73 having built a kiln for her, it was a natural progression for Sid to start using them too. Sid uses coil and slab building techniques with cone 6 stoneware. He is less interested in functional pottery and more interested in exploring ideas. Form, texture and space are important and landscape and natural forms are a stimulus as is architecture.
Sanderson, Diana - Who's Buying
Craft has played a major role in Diana’ life for the past thirty years. After three years of textile school, she began selling her weaving through craft fairs and exhibitions and became involved in the organizational side of craft, as a board member of Circle Craft and the Craft’s Association of BC, organizing the Circle Craft Christmas Market and themed exhibitions. Creating hand dyed and woven silks became her passion. In 1986 Diana set up her studio/shop on Granville Island which necessitated hiring others to help with production. Over the years the studio has provided an inspirational environment in creation for herself and many others through practicums, employment and exposure.
Scheuing, Ruth - Technology of Craft: Thinking with Tools
As an artist, educator and writer Ruth Scheuing explores how textiles communicate through patterns, language and mythology. Relationships between nature and technologies, via computer assisted Jacquard weaving, Cyborgs and GPS tracking, represent some of her main interests. Recent projects include ‘Silkroads’, at the Surrey Art Gallery, ‘Andante’ at Richmond Art Gallery and ‘Walking the Line’, a Textile Museum of Canada web project. Her published writings include 'material matters: the Art and Culture of Contemporary Textiles'. She teaches in the Textile Arts Program at Capilano University since 1992, served on TSA (Textile Society of America Board) and received the Vancouver Mayor’s Award in 2010.
Sirois-Silver, Michelle - The Function of Function
Michelle was born on the Gaspe and spent her formative years on Vancouver Island. Her works are process based and the surfaces imbued with hand hooking, screen print and stitch. Working with textiles and their tactile qualities has a grounding effect for Michelle and takes her to a place of infinite possibility. An important part of her practice embraces the past; “ I am able to do what I do because of the legacy created by thousands who came before me. I am self-taught, exhibit, teach and write about my practice.” Michelle works from her studio in Vancouver, Canada
Theny, Athena - Success in Online Promotion
Athena Theny (honours Psychology, minor First Nations Studies) is the Founder and Creative Director of ‘Athena Atelier’. Athena Atelier was created out of a desire to promote beauty, sensual pleasure, and sustained well-being in the world. Athena is deeply inspired by her ancestry and sense of belonging, drawing from her grandfather’s stories of growing up in the wild in Northern British Columbia. Nautical references and a reverence for nature permeate her design sensibility. She is involved in every stage of the making process, including tanning leather, sewing, and designing. She makes handbags, jewelry and objets de vertu.
MaryLou Trinkwon - Crafting Culture
MaryLou is currently preoccupied with issues concerning education, specifically how knowledge is acquired, and the relationship between theory and practice. She is most interested in educational approaches that value whole people, and places great emphasis on the dynamic triad of teacher, subject, student, without privileging either of the three. She works at the Textile Art Department at Capilano University, teaching surface design her artistic practice is based within the material practices associated with the textile arts, with an emphasis on installation or environments. Her creative process evolves from text resources into material interpretations, manifesting usually in a purely visual format.
Trowse, Nadeane - Craft: A Scary Word
Nadeane Trowse has taught at SFU and the University College of the Fraser Valley since 1998. Her teaching experience includes courses in proposal and advocacy writing, history of rhetoric, academic writing, workplace writing, and medieval literature. An editor of the academic journal Technostyle since 2000, Nadeane remains involved with the publication as it develops into an online journal.
Werker, Kim - Success in Online Promotion
Kim Werker is a writer, editor, crafter, speaker and author of crochet books. Through ‘Mighty Ugly’ she helps people and groups battle the demons that hold back their creativity so they can have (more) fun making stuff and doing big things. Indeed, her book about this is expected in the spring of 2014. Mighty ugly is about celebrating the benefits of failure so we are not intimidated to inactivity, as big things rarely happen on the first try. Mighty Ugly offers workshops, public events, and ‘crafty exercises’ that you can do from the comfort of your own table.
Youngs, Kathryn - Craft and Retail:Who's Buying
Kathryn was born and raised in the home of Disneyland. Since immigrating to Canada in 1973, she married the concerns of painting and sculpting with those of a potter; concentrating on form, brushwork, colour, motion, construction, and a cross-cultural examination of decoration. For thirty years she has made sculptural vessels which can be found in collections as diverse as Tony Chong and the National History Museum of Taipei. At the moment she has stepped away from creating and, in her role as manager for Circle Craft Cooperative, has taken on the rewarding job of aiding other makers in their careers.

invested - provincial exhibition

invested logoPendulum Gallery
885 West Georgia
Vancouver, BC

October 18th – November 9th, 2013

This exhibition will highlight some of the best work of British Columbia’s contemporary craftspeople while asking questions around the theme invested: When does mastery happen? When does one distinguish oneself in a material? Why does a passion for the crafts thrive in the province? How are craftspeople supported in their practice? And what do the crafts teach us about persistence and adaptation in the face of change?

INVESTED is a provincial exhibition celebrating contemporary craft from across BC, curated by Dr. Sandra Alfoldy, internationally known craft curator and historian, and daughter of two founding members of CCBC. The exhibition will present art objects from 31 contemporary craft professionals from across the province, plus 6 historical pieces in the context of CCBC’s 40th Anniversary.

Please join us for champagne and appetizers, live music, silent auction and more at the INVESTED Gala Opening and Fundraiser for CCBC on October 18 7:00-9:00pm at the Pendulum Gallery.

invested artists

The following artists are taking part in the exhibition:

Elaine Alfoldy Bill Boyd Dominique Brechault Jeff Burnette Bridget Catchpole Amy Chang Barbara Cohen Ron David Walter Dexter Linda Doherty Deb Dumka Rachel Gourley Robin Hopper Ian Johnston Lynda Jones Jane Kenyon Art Liestman Lou Lynn Bettina Matzkuhn Julie McIntyre Charmian Nimmo Alwyn O’Brien Peter Pierobon Kaija Rautiainen Bill Reid Lesley Richmond Laurie Rolland Lisa Samphire Kinichi Shigeno Michelle Sirois-Silver Jan Smith Naoko Takenouchi Melanie Thompson Martin Thorne Morna Tudor Yvonne Wakabayashi Angelika Werth


Exhibition Catalogue

For press materials that include excerpts from the catalogue please contact Karen Green at karen@rebuscreative.com.

The Invested/40 catalogue will be available for sale for $25 at the Pendulum Gallery, 885 West Georgia Street for the duration of the exhibition October 18th - November 9th, 2013.

Crafthouse will sell the catalogue starting October 18th. Located at 1386 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver - 604.687.7270 - orders can be picked up in person or mailed (S+H).

regional celebrations

Please join us in thanking all of the organizations around the province that have planned exhibitions and symposiums to celebrate the Craft Council turning 40!!!

Past Events

West Kootenay Regional Arts Council
Weekend Symposium: Columbia Basin residents are invited to participate in the Columbia Basin Craft Symposium to be held October 25 to 27 in Nelson. This event will focus on the professional development of contemporary craft artists with a variety of workshops, discussions and presentations by some of the most influential artists in the field of Craft today.

This weekend long symposium will touch upon many aspects that contemporary craft faces today: creativity, sustainability, globalization, technology, and business issues such as marketing, pricing and social media. The symposium is an opportunity for Columbia Basin residents who are in a creative field to learn, share and get feedback from artists across the country who are visionaries in their respective fields. There is also an opportunity to sign up for individual portfolio reviews and to have your work photographed by a professional photographer.

The keynote speaker will be Greg Payce: artist, potter, and winner of the 2013 Saidye Bronfman Award (Canada’s foremost distinction for excellence in the fine crafts). Greg has been making ceramics for over 35 years. He has exhibited and given numerous lectures, workshops, and presentations on his practice, both in Canada and internationally.

Registration for this event will open in early October and space is limited. Travel subsidies will be available for the weekend event of October 25 – 27 for residents of the Columbia Basin who live further away from Nelson.

Community Events and Workshops: The West Kootenay Regional Arts Council is also partnering with the Kootenay Gallery, Castlegar Arts Council, and the Kootenay Lake Arts and Heritage Council to offer a series of community events and workshops. The Kootenay Gallery will kick off the celebration with their exhibition: Invested: 10,000 Hours – an exhibition of contemporary craft. On display will be various craft media by Columbia Basin artists. At the Langham Gallery in Kaslo, local artist Geraldine Rinkel will be offering a two day workshop: Draped Clay tray – create and explore on October 5 & 19. Olivia Mansveld will take you through her process of turning recycled frames, materials, and objects into an “objet d’art” using collage, stitching, and assemblage in her workshop Framing with Fabric, October 19th at the Kootenay Gallery in Castlegar. Workshop registration is now open.

For more information visit www.columbiabasincraftsymposium.com or contact the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council at 250-352-2421; toll free: 1-800-850-2787. Presented by the West Kootenay Regional Arts Council in partnership with the Province of British Columbia through Creative Communities and BC Arts Council, Columbia Basin Trust and artsVest. The Columbia Basin Craft Symposium is also generously supported by: The Hume Hotel, The Best Western Nelson, BC Wine Guys, Big Cranium and The Nelson Brewing Company.

Craft Symposium large jpeg (2)

Kootenay Gallery of Art
On Friday, September 20th the Kootenay Gallery joined in the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Craft Council of British Columbia with an exhibition of contemporary craft.  The eleven artists chosen to participate in this exhibition live and work in the Columbia Basin and represent the practices of woodworking, jewelry, metalwork, glass and ceramics.

The exhibition is titled Invested: 10,000 Hours as this concept is seen as a marker for attaining expertise or mastery in a particular practice.  Curator Helen Sebelius has built an exhibition that will celebrate and demonstrate the artists’ dedication to their creative process, their approach to their chosen medium and the wide range of traditional and non- traditional uses of these mediums.
At the opening reception on September 20th at 7pm, Sebelius will engage in a discussion with the participating artists and the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions.  The Gallery would like to thank the Columbia Basin Trust and the Columbia Power Corporation for their support through the exhibition sponsorship program.  Funding was also received from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.

This exhibit will run from September 20th to November 9th. The Gallery is located across from the Castlegar Region Airport adjacent to the Doukhobor Discovery Centre and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10-5pm.  For more information visit the Gallery facebook page or phone 250-365-3337.


Maple Ridge Art Gallery
Celebrate Craft! celebrates the Craft Council of British Columbia's 40th Anniversary with works by thirteen artists working in a broad spectrum of fine craft. The exhibition runs from September 7 to November 9 and features the work of thirteen innovative artists:

Judith Burke                                            Jo Skinner
Lindsay Craig                                           Julie Pongrac
Sharon Gerhart                                       Michelle Sirois-Silver
Ellen Hamilton                                         Junichi Tanaka
Barbara Heller                                         Clive Tucker
Saskia Jetten                                            Keith & Celia Rice-Jones

September 7 - November 9th, 2013


White Rock Museum
To celebrate the Craft Council of BC’s 40th Anniversary, Semiahmoo Arts and the White Rock Museum & Archives present: Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Transformative Power of Craft. The exhibit works with the theme of “10,000 Hours Invested: Craft– Past and Present.”
Every craft artist is part of a tradition that is often thousands of years old. Our ancestors were carving stone, firing clay and forging metal before our earliest cities were founded. The tools and techniques might have changed, but the materials and crafters’ desire to create art has never disappeared. Guilds and arts councils across Canada are constantly at work teaching and promoting these traditions.

The artists on display at the Museum from September 6th to October 15th represent how important craft still is in the Semiahmoo Peninsula region. Artists include: June Bloye, Aryn Bowers, John Butt, Roxanne Charles, Don Fleming, Suzanne Gerard, Elizabeth Glowacki, Don Hutchinson, Colin Hyatt, Lance King, Samantha Knopp, Robert Gary Parkes, Sharon Reay, Anne J Steves, and Diane Zwickel. Represented mediums range from fibre to metal, wood to ceramic, and glass to vellum.

The Museum will also be hosting Sunday workshops and presentations for the duration of the exhibit from 1:00pm-3:00pm. Learn why tea cups have those awkward handles or the secret behind a perfect felted bowl. Check the White Rock Museum website and Facebook page for full details and schedule. We hope you will join us in honouring a milestone in BC’s history of craft and the artists in the Peninsula who have helped keep these artistic traditions alive.

Media release - Rock Paper Scissors.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro

Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery


Craft Invested Exhibition Reviews

“Lovely work of some of my favorite artists” --Jeff Naoko
“Great technique, great quality. Ups the ante for BC Craft”
“Very good quality… keep up the excellent work”
“Wonderful variety conversation between/amongst work, thank you!”
“What a great opportunity to see so much fantastic work! Great BC craft.”
“Inspiring works by all the artists, especially Rachel”
“Fabulous! Great works by individuals who show a perfect marriage between skill, creativity, concept and innovation! Well done!”
“Lovely and thoughtful. Grateful to be able to experience the work.”
“I am inspired by the boundless innovation of these artists, especially by recreating beauty or even redefining it. Inspiring me for another day!”
“An excellent and very creative show, Bravo.” –- E.Franky
“Thank-you, beautiful work and beautifully curated” –-A K Murphy, Vancouver

“Nicely done. I’m proud to be a part of it” –- Lynda Jones
“Great work especially for a downtown space. We new crafters need more examples of what talented others can do. Thanks” –- Colleen
“A great exhibit – lots of wonderful work, thanks to the volunteers!” –- Freda Pagaui
“Very interesting approach to craft”
“A dazzling ‘display’ of craft that is witty, whimsical, imaginative, technically superb and transformative for BC ‘place’ work. A pleasure”
“Very nice bramble/blackberry teapot.” –- Miriam Buckley
“A thoughtfully inspiring show, the diverse creativity stopped me dead in my tracks.” –- Martin Carver, Nelson, BC
“Amazing, amazing work. Big ideas so well executed. Lots of talent!” –- Dan Borel
“Beautiful exhibit. So proud of our BC artists”
“Better than what is in the show at the VAG”
“Innovating ways to see our life. Very interesting. Love it. Best wishes.” –- Tatiana
“Great to see art in public spaces. Keep it up. Thank-you”
“A brilliant show rich with dazzling talent and aesthetic mastery. Congratulations!”
“A visual treat indeed. Such creativity. Thank you each and all.”
“Very good!!! We were from Russia. Thank you.”
“I very much appreciated this craft show. I especially admired the level of expertise in these various craft areas. Technique is essential to craft art and here I find all these pieces to be technically first rate. Keep up the good work all you BC craft artists!” J Elliott
“I bet it took years to complete the TWILIGHT 2009. Infinite patience yields beauty.”
“Very impressed by the creative new forms and the way the material was well crafted into beauty.” —J Contreras
“Kudos to the curator. The wide spectrum of dream into form is inspiring.” – L. Douglas
“Nice to see cultural scene is blooming in the city.”
“What a wonderful collection using a diverse range of materials- each piece giving us a gift of the artists’ love of this beautiful place” —- Joan
“Very cool gallery, I very much enjoyed the variety of mediums and the strange displacement of seeing a bed of fossilized phones.” -– Riley Nicholson
“It’s nice to see so much work that plays with the line between fine ‘art’ and ‘craft’. I think it’s really important right now.” –- Melanie T
“Love your work Lisa! Remember you from Crescent days.” –Suzanne D’s aunt
“Such fantastic creative work. Loved Angelika’s, Bettina’s, Michelle’s and Jones’ amazing creations and of course the yellow brick road.” —- Vivian Ryan
“Extreme talent, good luck for the next 40.”
“Probably the coolest thing I have seen in forever.”
“This is the most spectacular craft show ever!” –- Penny Birnam

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We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $157 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.



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