Date: Jan 07 - 30, 2014
Time: 5pm
Location: CCBC

Award / Grant / Bursary

This scholarship is awarded to a practicing and/or emerging craftsperson to attend a recognized school or course to upgrade technical or design skills, or to seek a stimulus for greater creativity and inspiration. As the cost of craft-related education (tuition, materials, travel, accommodation, etc.) can be high, there is an ongoing need for financial assistance to craftspeople to help defray these costs. The principle of the Grace Cameron Rogers Fund is held in trust by the CCBC, and the interest generated is awarded to a deserving member. The current award is for $1000.
To be eligible, you must be a CCBC member in good standing (board members and paid staff are not eligible), and a BC member. Previous recipients must wait 3 years before reapplying to the scholarship. Admission requirements include: A cover letter indicating an outline of the proposed study and why it would be beneficial to the applicant, a budget outlining projected expenses and revenue. Indicate pending and confirmed revenue. An Artist bio and CV, Digital Images (max 10 at 300 dpi in JPEG format with dimentions not exceeding 3375 pixels high and 2625 pixels wide. Please email info@craftcouncilbc.ca if you are interested in applying.

Criteria for Judging Applications:
Thoughtful and clear explanation of why the applicant wishes to pursue a particular course of study.
Realistic budget that shows revenue and expenses.
The work, as shown in submitted digital file, shows potential for growth.