Date: Jul 02 - 05, 2015
Location: Baddeck Nova Scotia

Learning / Symposia / Residency
Outside BC


– They will be coming from Vancouver Island, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario; from California, Tennessee, Montana and Colorado; blacksmiths from as far away as Switzerland, Israel and the UK, have all registered to attend Canada’s next national blacksmithing conference, CanIRON X. The event is taking place July 2nd-5th, 2015 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Blacksmiths, metal enthusiasts, sculptors, artists, and individuals seeking something out of the ordinary, are making their travel plans to the rugged and beautiful island of Cape Breton, off the east coast of Canada. They will travel by air, sea, and ground; over the picturesque rural hills of Cape Breton and along the pristine waters of the Bras d’Or Lakes. Arriving on the shore of Baddeck Bay in the historic village of Baddeck, where the ringing of anvils and the fires of the forge will welcome them to CanIRON X, a celebration and convention on the craft of blacksmithing.

Drawn together by an art form that has played a pivotal role in the history of human society and culture, organizers are expecting hundreds of people to participate in CanIRON X. Visitors can attend lectures, watch blacksmithing demonstrations or take instructional classes. They can also visit an ironworks gallery, learn about the heritage of blacksmithing in Canada, stroll through a vendors market, and enjoy food, drink and conversation with the international blacksmithing community.

“You do not have to be a blacksmith to participate in CanIRON X,” says event organizer and local blacksmith, Grant Haverstock. “This is a unique arts and culture event that will appeal to anyone. It will broaden your knowledge and appreciation for blacksmithing in Canada, inspire your creativity, stimulate your senses, and allow you to meet artisans and people interested in the craft from all over the world.”

Although everyone is welcome, the event is attracting the attention of practicing artist-blacksmiths in Canada and abroad, due to the caliber of the talent coming to demonstrate and lecture. Renowned international smiths include Albert Paley, Zeevik Gottlieb, Mark Aspery, Uri Hofi and Lorelei Sims. It is unlikely these talented artists and instructors will be brought together at the same event again, making this a unique opportunity for up-and-coming artists from across Canada to learn from some of the best in the craft.

“We really hope to see a lot of artists and artisans from all disciplines and age groups at the event,” says Haverstock. “Early bird prices are in effect till the end of the month, so its a great time to register.”

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