Date: Aug 26, 2016 - Sep 09, 2016

Craft Classified
Vancouver Coast & Mts

We are looking for an innovative and motivated intern to work with our social enterprise committee to revise our 3year business plans for two of our social enterprise initiatives – Craft Carts and Heritage in Your Hand.

Craft Carts is a new initiative that will enable artists to move their work around the different public areas of the city to sell or promote their work. While providing artists with an alternative revenue stream, the Craft Council views this program as viable means to promote excellence in material-based art to audiences that don’t usually have access BC contemporary craft.

The Heritage in Your Hand program is our corporate and awards program set up to provide artists with opportunities for commissioned work in the corporate sector. The program is designed to encourage corporations to commission material-based art for their collections, boardrooms and awards programs. The Craft Council’s intent to create a viable revenue stream for our master artists and as above, widened the audience for contemporary craft. For more info click Social Enterprise Coordinator.