Date: Sep 13 - 29, 2018
Location: Elissa Cristall Gallery 2239 Granville Street, Vancouver BC

Vancouver Coast & Mts


curated by Lesley Finlayson

Opening Reception with the Artists
Thursday September 13th, 6 – 8 pm
Exhibition continues to September 29, 2018

“In a world of artifice easily facilitated by user friendly technology I curated this exhibition to present art in which the works elegantly manifest the artists’ discernment, understanding and knowledge of techniques which are critical to their practices and to the work coming into existence. The skills involved are physical, intellectual, psychological and emotional, combined with a multi-layered and highly specialized familiarity with a range of materials, hand tools and equipment developed over centuries. These are the quanta of the creative processes which allow each artist to explore the infinite possibilities of material and technique. The nature of infinite possibilities of materials in an artist’s hands and knowledge in their minds, drives artists to explore and test the nebulous boundaries of their practice. Sometimes the results are catastrophic, as forms collapse or materials disintegrate into chaos. Sometimes boundaries are crossed into another realm: weaving becomes sculptural, clay is woven into frozen fire, the staccato snips of scissors through paper become the construction of time, steel incising copper becomes drawing on paper. In all this work we see traces of decisions made and remade, of pentimento, of errors corrected, or not, of directions started, pushed or abandoned. Surrounding the work in the gallery we see shadows cast in light and space, including our own shadows as viewers. More subtly perhaps, within each piece we sense the shadow of the artist’s self, the human.”  –  Lesley Finlayson, Curator