Happenings in Craft

Craft, Heritage, & Me


CCBC’s Youth Program offers the exciting opportunity for youth to come together and learn about contemporary craft. Led by local artists working in our communities and designed especially for youth aged 12-17, our Craft, Heritage and Me program gives teens the space to explore the value of craft while learning about the relationship between the artist’s work and their cultural and heritage experiences.

Through semi-structured studio interactions guided by a facilitator, small groups of youth and the artist(s) collaboratively give voice to their experiences to support the participants in situating themselves within the craft milieu and improving their ability to interpret craft media.

Key Learning Goals:

  • Introduce participants to contemporary craft in a welcoming environment outside of traditional gallery and museum spaces, and to artists working in their communities.
  • Provide participants with knowledge of the craft mediums and their processes, and the wide range of possibilities each offers.
  • Include participant’s voices in the exploration and discussion of the definition of craft, the role it plays in our everyday lives and the links it makes to our cultural and heritage experiences.
  • Generate an appreciation of the handmade, artistic intent and the design process when producing objects.
  • Strengthen the participant’s ability to interpret craft media

How Craft, Heritage, & Me Benefits Everybody!

The arts, regardless of the medium, can act as a platform for people to interact and find pleasures in art making they may not have known they had. The process of art making brings people PLEASURE; it provides them with an environment that allows them to express their creativity.

By creating an environment where artists can teach and share their experiences while the students can learn about craft and the artist’s stories, the pleasure behind the making of the works and learning about them can only flourish. Hopefully motivating more individuals to experiment with their interest in craft making.

In addition, the studio-tours allow for positive SOCIAL INTERACTION, in that the environment is a safe and relaxing one where people can only learn from one another through the process of exchanging ideas and information.

Quotes from Participants

“It was a very good learning experience. I did not know about craft today before and now I’m glad to learn about it! It was good to see so much diversity.”

“I really enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere and being with other youth who are also interested in craft.”

Interested in Participating in Craft, Heritage, & Me?

Educational Organizations / Participants

Do you think your school, youth group, or yourself personally would be interested in such a program? If so, then contact us at chm@craftcouncilbc.ca

Some of the benefits of participating:

  • Exposure to the different forms of craft and the process and possibilities of craft-making
  • Interact with craft artists in a comfortable environment, consisting of 8-10 people
  • Gain a deeper appreciation of Vancouver’s contemporary craft scene
  • Learn something new!


If you are an artist practicing in a studio space that can accommodate up to 10 people, and are interested in sharing your work with young people please contact us at chm@craftcouncilbc.ca


  • Expose your work to a new audience
  • Concretize the influence of heritage on your work
  • Develop a youth audience, and understand what they are interested in learning and seeing in contemporary craft


Are you enthusiastic and passionate about contemporary craft and education? Our Craft, Heritage and Me facilitators play an important role in delivering the program, as they guide the discussion throughout the studio interactions. CCBC will provide training in the different craft mediums, history of craft making and about the participating artists prior to their first studio tour. Additionally, Facilitators will meet with the students before leading the tour in order to share information about craft and the artists they will be visiting.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Experience within an educational environment
  • Background in art history / fine arts / art education preferred
  • Strong oral and written communication abilities
  • Good organization skills

If you are interested in becoming a tour facilitator, please contact us at chm@craftcouncilbc.ca