Amanda Wood

Medium: Fibre

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Vancouver textile artist, Amanda Wood, begins with the haptic process of exploring materials. In her practice the path is as important as the destination and she often uses photography, collage and journaling to develop ideas. Her work is concerned with unseen structures, patterns and documentation as a way of starting conversations and witnessing interconnectedness. Research into environment, personal memories and contemporary culture inform her work.

Amanda’s primary medium is weaving. Using traditional weaving techniques and tools within a contemporary framework she pushes the boundaries of her chosen materials. Amanda is fascinated by cloth as a historical document, a marker of growth and connection, and as a means of communication. The versatility and strength of plain weave and natural fibres are often found in her three dimensional structures.

Amanda has a BA in Communications from SFU and a diploma in Textile Art from Capilano University where she received distinction through an award from the Craft Council of BC. Her work has been shown across Canada and has been published in Uppercase Magazine and in the book Strange Material: Storytelling Through Textiles.

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