Morgen Bardati

Medium: Fibre

Region: Kootenays BC Rockies


Growing up in South Africa Morgen Bardati was shaped in her aesthetics by a vibrant, natural and tactile world. Her hands were kept in constant dialogue with plants, soil, mud, sticks, seashells and insects. Her innate curiosity for the natural world is reflected in her designs and her use of natural materials. Morgen works with a mixed media of traditional and innovative textile design techniques on natural fibres. Using dye, shibori, screen printing, painting, sewing and piecing she transforms cloth into wearable, functional and contemplative art. Botanical dyes have become her preference and are often foraged locally or from her own garden.

Morgen Bardati completed a three year program in Fine Arts at the East London School of Art and Design in South Africa and now lives in the Kootenays where she practices as a fibre and installation artist.

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