Larissa Blokhuis

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Larissa was born on the edge of the prairies in Canada. After completing her Bachelor’s Degree at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Larissa moved to the coast to take a job as a glassblower on Granville Island. After establishing a presence on Granville Island, Larissa began exhibiting extensively in Alberta and BC.

Larissa is inspired by the evolutionary history of plants, and the repetition of life cycles. Her current focus on using glass and mixed media, incorporating ceramic, steel, wool, polymer, and wood as needed has allowed her to develop a distinctive style.

Tropical plants can reach immense proportions, while arctic plants are often compact and hardy. Larissa plays with scale, making comparatively large versions of life forms that would be tiny in today’s nature systems, and vice versa. Larissa looks for pattern, repetition, and contrast, and these elements often become the nucleus of a new artwork

Work can viewed at:
Jarea Art Gallery, St. Andrews, NB
Alberta Craft Council Gallery and Shop, Edmonton, AB
Ambergris Gallery, Block Island, RI



Artist Website: