Tatiana A. Bobko

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Russian-Canadian Visual Artist and Creative Writer, Tatiana has been making art as far back as she can remember. Having tried it all, her favourite visual techniques remain collage, drawing and photography, with an ultimate expression of combining all at the same time.
She has finished a 3-year intensive Art Education program with Native (Siberia’s native population of Khanty-Mansi) concentration. Course work included native dress making, beading, watercolor, history, mixed media, photography, collage, acrylic painting, art theory, art history and drawing. Since arriving in Canada 22 years ago she has followed a variety of creative pursuits. In the last few years she has been concentrating on working with children and adults as a Visual Arts Instructor, participating in various workshops and classes in mixed media art, photography, graphic design, interior design, drawing and printmaking. Currently she teaches Vision Boarding and Creativity Development/ Spiritual (Therapeutic) Art and exhibits around New Westminster.

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