Kalika Bowlby

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Kalika loves living in a small mountain town, but visiting big bustling cities. She wishes she could ride her bike every day, make every meal feel like a celebration, and that each thing she makes will be better than the last. Kalika feels blessed to be a maker, to use her hands, to make and share objects that become part of others’ lives. Hopefully, these objects will survive the ebb and flow of life, because she thinks that things get better with age, use, and understanding.

Studying ceramics at both Kootenay School of the Arts and Alberta College of Art and Design, as well as a residency at Red Star Studios in Kansas City, MO, has given Kalika a diverse experience of making. Her work has been seen in Ceramics Monthly, Canadian House & Home and on the Uppercase Blog. She has had the opportunity to exhibit her work in both the US and Canada and participate in many art and design events.

Kalika is grateful to be a part of a global community of makers who are hand crafting life, and the food, drink, and objects that are a part of it.

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