Stuart Bowyer, BOWYER & TOULSON Charcuterie Boards

Medium: Wood

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Stuart Bowyer was born and raised in London, UK where his fascination for trees, woodland areas and preserving historical woodworking techniques started. The concept of BOWYER & TOULSON started about two years ago when Stuart was on West 6th Avenue in Vancouver and an old cherry tree had fallen after a big wind storm had hit the city. It was being chipped to be used as mulch but he started exploring how he could get access to this urban supply of timber. Two years later, B&T are using this supply of timber to hand make heirloom wood charcuterie boards and butchers blocks. Every piece is unique and comes with the provenance of the tree we used. Stuart holds a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford, is actively involved in the local arts community and resides in Ladner, BC with his wife, and two children.

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