Bill Boyd

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Bill Boyd began making pottery in 1970, in Sweden, where he worked with several talented potters and taught ceramics.

Over time, the Scandinavian influence melded with an Asian aesthetic, bringing Boyd to his signature work of classic simplicity. “I am interested more in creating beautiful ceramics admired by all cultures than in creating something unique. In other words, the challenge and reward of finding the universal key aesthetically.”

In the past his work was associated with the more subtle glazes such as Shino, Temmoku and Celadon. Since 2002, his traditional forms have become the playground for explorations into crystalline glazing. Boyd is now one of the leading names in crystalline ceramics, and his work has been exhibited in Europe and North America. He is currently represented by galleries across Canada.

Bill Boyd lives on Galiano Island in British Columbia.