Neno Catania

Medium: Wood

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Neno Catania is a woodworker from Burnaby, BC. He is self-taught, having spent many hours at the library studying books and videos, as well as being a member of the Greater Vancouver Woodturners’ Association. Being an artist has brought about many challenges, as well as an outlet for conceptual and emotional expression, which he thrives on.

“My goal is to produce art in simple, classic shapes, which come as near to perfection in finish and form as my skills allow. It’s a constant surprise and pleasure to me when I cut into a fresh green log and find what is behind the bark. It’s like opening a wooden box that holds secrets from the past. Each tree has a unique grain that contains a history of the weather, climate, and soil conditions experienced during its growth cycle. Works are inspired by traditional forms from around the world and shapes found in nature. When I create bark-edge bowls, I get my inspiration from the North Shore Mountains – peaks and valleys can be seen when looking at the rim of the bowl, for instance. Hopefully, some of my inspiration and artistic vision will live long after I am gone”.


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