Chi Cheng Lee

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


A lifetime of experiences is the inspirations for my work. Born in Taiwan, I grew up in New York Metropolitan area and lived in Hong Kong before settling in Vancouver. I have been exposed to a rich variety of cultures, art, architecture and natural wonders. My work has the underlying theme of “East meets West”, the interplay between materials and forms, techniques and textures. Combining Eastern traditional design sensibilities and the Western modern boundaries, I create objects that adorn the body using contrast, and the visual balance of positive and negative space. There is an inherent balance and harmony to these forms.

I have always loved making things with my hands and the process of transforming raw materials into something beautiful and functional is gratifying and magical. Fascinated by the unlimited possibilities of simple lines and shapes, I explore the boundaries of classical and modern forms. I love it when people find their own meanings in my designs, often discovering something personal in my jewelry that I hadn’t thought of when I created and made the piece.

Today, I emphasize modern elegance with the delicacy of simple lines and forms. The filigree like scribble textured surfaces is accented with delicate pearls. I combine cast elements and hand fabricated parts to produce unique designs. The result is represented in my various collections.

Work can be viewed at the following venues:

Crafthouse (CABC) Granville Island,
Red Tulip Gift Gallery, Lynn Valley, 604-924-2411
Seymour Art Gallery,
Silk Weaving Studion,

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Chi Cheng Lee
Chi's Creations
North Vancouver, BC