Susan Cooley

Medium: Glass

Region: The Islands


Artist’s Statement

Having worked with a variety of media over the years, Stained Glass has become a favourite. Glass never ceases to fascinate me. I just love how light and glass blend to expose subtle texture, rich color with dynamic light intensity. Having worked for a large commercial Stained Glass company in Fort Collins, Colorado my past work focused mainly on building and designing traditional stained glass panels
and windows. I learned from the best, how to build, repair and restore a wide variety of glass projects. I also learned how to sand blast unique patterns onto windows and doors and how to build custom bevel glass pieces.

Since moving to the Kootenays in south eastern BC (from Colorado in 2004) I find nature to be my biggest source of inspiration. My work now revolves around things I see while outside working in my garden, riding my mountain bike ; paddling my kayak. My husband John and I are both avid photographers and I find I often use our photographs in my designs. I have done mostly commission work the past 2 years – often framing my pieces with locally collected driftwood and built by my husband, John. The soft organic feel of the driftwood compliments my glass art, giving it a unique& rustic look.

I’m always looking for interesting new ways to combine materials and have felt a major shift in my work over the past year. I’m experimenting with combining glass and ceramics and really like the look and feel of these two elements together. Lately, I’m finding that I’m motivated to create functional art. This started while taking ceramics courses, which led me to create a series of Ikebana Vases that have become quite popular. You can find some of my Ikebana Vases on display at the Art Gallery of Golden, in Golden, BC and Fresh N Fabulous in Qualicum Beach, BC

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Susan Cooley
Akasha Fine Art Glass
8-622 Front Street
Nelson, BC