Katharine Dickerson

Medium: Fibre

Region: Kootenays BC Rockies


Weaving has been a means of expressing my reaction to the natural environment for more than 40 years. I use traditional woven structures used in the production of cloth because I love the breath of the intersections and the resulting drape. I merge these structures with natural imagery, balancing these organic shapes with the grid of the woven cloth. I taught weaving and related practices in the Textile Department of the Alberta College of Art and Design for 30 years. Upon retiring I moved to the Slocan Valley where I now weave and write. My life has come full cycle as I have returned to British Columbia, having lived on the West Coast of Vancouver Island prior to leaving to teach at ACAD. I now have the time to weave pieces that investigate internal feelings while continuing to include natural imagery. The weaving process is a kinetic meditation which supports this deeper internal investigation. My work is included in numerous public and private collections in Canada and Internationally.

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