Wendy Drummond, Three Stone Soup

Medium: Fibre

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


The underlying vision in Wendy’s work is to engage ‘fibre, heart and story’ into every piece; to increase awareness and appreciation of sustainable natural fibres; promote the local fibre community; and advocate for the slow cloth/slow fashion movement.

Wendy’s statement pieces are inspired by a very tactile, warm and nurturing love of fibre! Drawing on colours, textures and images from all that surrounds in nature and our every day existence go into every piece… celebrations worth sharing!

Clothing, accessories, and gifts made with heart and embedded with stories, showcasing local fibre. Working with natural fibres, embellished with glass, shell, wood and metal; her work is bold, reflective, with each piece expressive and unique, representing a commitment to her vision.

Work can be viewed at:

Artique, Powell River’s Collective Art Gallery – http://artiquebc.ca 

Artist Website:

Contact Address:

1495 Sorenson Road, Lund BC
By Appointment