Stuart Duncan Wren Silverworks

Medium: Metal

Region: The Islands


As a child, Stuart was always drawing, deriving inspiration from the natural world around him. He has worked as an illustrator and co-owned an art gallery with his wife. After apprenticing with a master silver engraver, Stuart now uses his artistic talents and his love of nature to create engraved sterling silver jewellery.

Creating an engraved sterling silver piece of jewellery is started by sawing out a rough shape of the design from a flat sheet of silver. This is then pre-polished, and the planned design is drawn onto it. Next, the silver is engraved along the design lines, using a variety of gravers. Using the saw, the silver is cut out again, this time following the periphery of the design as well as any pieces to cut out inside the design. The edges are filed to a smooth finish. The piece is then shaped: this involves hammering the silver into a pre-carved shaping “hole” to give the flat silver gentle curves. In the case of a brooch, a clasp is then soldered onto the back, and this is followed by a polish with a tripoli compound.


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