Elana Sigal

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Elana Sigal is a Vancouver based jewellery designer and felt artist. Elana’s love of colour, texture and design is clearly evident in every piece she creates. Her designs strive to inspire those who appreciate quality, uniqueness  and attention to detail. Elana’s pieces showcase beautiful semi-precious stones, contrasted with rough hewn ethnic beads, glass, pearls and both base and precious metals. Her designs are playfully sophisticated ranging from delicate elegance to bold ethnically inspired pieces. Elana designs and hand felts wool wall, floor and decorative accent pieces. Elana hand dyes her wool and creates colorful, whimsical and completely unique artworks for residential, community and corporate spaces. Felt is an ideal material for warming up and soundproofing spaces and can be designed in any shape or size required. Elana is a bold, thoughtful and playful artist who welcomes commissions.

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Contact Address:

2598 West 36th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C.