Erin Christensen

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Erin Christensen received her BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, NS. in 2015 with a major in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing. Following her graduation, she was awarded a finalist position for the 2016 Niche Awards in the Student Teapot category and featured in British Vogue Magazine. She is continually inspired by the west coast and currently lives and works in Vancouver, B.C. Erin’s elegant contemporary jewellery is created mainly with chasing and repoussé, a traditional metal-smithing technique. She combines a medley of lively patterns and fresh colour palettes with precious stones and alternative materials. By finding rhythm through contrasts and variation of form and texture, her designs explore an intuitive balance and a harmony of opposites. Her creations are reminiscent of the tiny plants and forest floor around her home. Each piece becomes a unique and playful moment for the wearer or the admirer to engage with.

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