Rodica Frunze: Sky-and-Beyond

Medium: Metal



Born in 1975 in the small eastern European country of Moldova. In 1998 Rodica graduated from medical university becoming a doctor of medicine. After completing 3 years of medical residency, in 2002 she became a Dr. of Psychiatry. In 2011 Rodi earned a PHD in biology / human physiology. Working as a Psychiatrist and Scientific Researcher allowed her to explore her deep interest in the relationships between the body and mind.

Rodis observation of the human experience and the relation to its environment permeates and inspires her artistry. She started to explore her creativity through acrylic painting but quickly switched to jewelry making as I felt that this was my true calling for a very long time. Using skills acquired as a Scientific Researcher and with the aid of online videos she explored jewelry making using wire wrapping techniques. In order to expand the ability to capture her inspirations, she adopted metal clay as her primary medium.

Through the integration of archetypal forms, her works aim to touch the viewers deepest personal feelings and self perceptions. This is done with the objective of invoking a juxtaposition of individuality within the context of unity.2016_SBDA_RodicaFrunze

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