Caroline Gregg

Medium: Fibre

Region: Kootenays BC Rockies


Caroline’s interest in hand dyeing and weaving began in Nova Scotia with the purchase of a small herd of alpacas. Over the years the herd grew, providing Caroline with a bounty of luscious fibre to work with. Caroline’s focus is on practical, useful items including one of a kind scarves, wraps, throws and exquisite alpaca rugs. Caroline has participated in craft shows and farmer’s markets throughout Nova Scotia and was a regular vendor at the oldest market in Canada, The Halifax Seaport Market. Her work has found homes as far away as Japan, Germany, France, Britain and Sweden. Caroline has sold her beloved alpacas and relocated to Kimberley, BC where she continues to weave with exquisite alpaca yarns. Her work can be found at

Contact Address:

Rocaro Alpacas
924 - 313 Dr, Kimberley, BC
Twitter: @rocaroalpacas