Steve Griffith Signature Ornaments

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Steve Griffith is a self taught artist who has been creating original handmade ornaments and artwork since the age of 6. He was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and moved to Vancouver, BC in 1991 to study professional acting at Studio 58. He has been an avid drawer as a child, and his strengths were always in the arts, winning a prize for Creative Writing at the age of 10. He creates his ornaments from polymer clay and blends them with Swarovski crystal, natural items such as seashells, vintage jewellery findings and other unique embellishments sourced from around the world. His unique contemporary designs capture the warmth of the holiday season in all its’ joy and playfulness in a variety of traditional motifs.

Each piece is stamped with Steve’s initials “SG” and has been created with quality, love and attention. The beauty is in the details and the simplicity of the design. Each eye, mouth and nose is a tiny piece of clay that has been hand rolled and carefully placed. Each piece is it’s own work of art and no two are alike in expression. They are hand polished to give them a smooth, clean finish. Each is destined to become a cherished heirloom for your family and friends.

Steve has been selling his unique creations since the mid 1990’s in Montreal, but began selling them in Vancouver in 1999. He created his own company Steve Griffith Signature Ornaments in 2010 and has been selling in fine juried shows such as Vancouver’s Circle Craft Christmas Market, Calgary’s Art Market and Out of Hand in Victoria to name a few.

In 2012, Steve had interest from the USA to license his work with Midwest- CBK, and in 2014 was approached by the American Music Awards to be one of their swag boutiques giving free product to music industry professionals.

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