Anna Jackson

Medium: Fibre

Region: Outside BC


Anna and her husband  live with three little critters. Two old cats (Cat and Jimmy) and a dog named Lily. She is pretty sure that their incredible cuteness, fluffiness and general aura of oxytocin-inducing cuddliness is what inspires her work. She believes in cute, lots and lots of pure, unadulterated, unapologetic cute! She loves ribbons, lace, thrills, bows, and pink!

Other than cuteness, she also believes in recycling and reclaiming as much as possible. The critters are reclaimed too! All the leather I use comes from thrift shop jackets. Some of their styles are questionable, but the leather is still good and is worth saving. She also sources some of her fabric the same way. Moreover, many people since have given her their old stashes! Wherever she uses reclaimed fabric, she notes it as it is sometimes impossible to tell the exact composition/blend of the fabric.

Every doll she makes is unique and will never be reproduced exactly. They each have their own character and personality.

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