Denise Jones Vivid Works

Medium: Fibre

Region: The Islands


Den graduated from the UK in 1991 with a degree in Fine Art. She started her business Vivid Works in 1994, creating sculptural pieces from recycled Silver cutlery.
After moving to Comox BC, 8 years ago she began teaching herself new skills in textiles. Having worked with metal for 16 years she wanted the challenge of working in a new medium. Den was interested in working with wool and that the finished pieces would be felted due to a love of the look and feel of felt, as well as its durability. Making hats meant she could maintain a sculptural element in the work and although mainly focuses on designing and making hats, also makes headbands, scarves and bags. All her work is wool and can be hand washed in cold water.
Dens’ love of Art Deco inspires her creations as well as taking inspiration from nature and interesting shapes that she notices around her and is on a continual journey thinking and experimenting with new ideas. Her work stands out both because of the freshness of the design and the high standard of workmanship.

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Contact Address:

Comox Vancouver Island BC
Studio visit available on request.

Work can be viewed at:
Circle Craft Store, Net Loft, Granville Island, Vancouver
Sabrina Butterfly Designs. 102, 6421-112 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta