Judy Oke

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


It has been 12 years since I first became creative with this art medium.
My interest was piqued upon seeing a mosaic table, made with broken china, in a shop on South Granville Street. I knew then that I had a very keen interest in trying this art form.
A very close and long time friend expressed that she too had the same interest as myself.
We each bought a book on mosaics, bought our supplies and began creating.
After a period of time, we developed our own method and unique style.

Typically, I like to work using pieces of broken bone china because I love the vintage, romantic look that the floral patterns and nature scenes evoke.
Vivid, colorful items and things that sparkle enthrall me. It inspires me to incorporate small glass squares, flat marbles, beads, and jewelry and ceramic tiles into my designs.
I add used, found, recycled and personal items to create unique compositions.
I am passionate about the art of mosaics and will continue in this craft for as long as I am able and there are people who enjoy my creations.

Contact Address:

Work can be viewed at:
The Silk Purse, West Vancouver
The Cornerstone, North Vancouver