Julie Kemble

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains



A bold, courageous life is large, irregular, asymmetrical and colorful . These same characteristics could be used to describe my new collection of textured, mixed metal sculptures that incorporate detachable body adornments.
Perfection is a subjective term. In my “other life” as an educator I’ve had to be very disciplined and obedient. I’ve learned to work well between the lines. With this collection… I surrender to spontaneity and to the natural tendencies of the materials I work with! Finally, I strive to find recognition… pleasure… acceptance of my chosen materials… of myself!… by allowing for an organic and unpredictable process that emphasizes texture, design and composition. With this new collection I’m enjoying a process that is more spontaneous, organic and, dare I say… playful? I’m learning a new discipline of not taking the medium, or myself, too seriously. I’m learning not to presume an exact outcome but to incorporate mistakes as if they were premeditated. I now have the confidence to say that the richness of my life is almost always in the so called “mistakes.”

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Julie Kemble
Giulietta Designs
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North Vancouver, B.C.

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