Julie Kemble

Medium: Metal

Region: The Islands


After graduating from art school in the mid 70’s, Julie established herself in Vancouver as a surface design artist. In 2000, after taking a long step back from her craft to raise a family and pursue an academic career, she began designing highly textured jewellery characterized by strong design and playful composition inspired by frequent travels to faraway and exotic places.

In 2017 Julie moved to Saltspring Island where she opened a small gallery featuring her own art jewellery that often suggests a story. Sometimes the story in her work is obvious, but more often the narrative is left up to the imagination of the onlooker and is enhanced by the wearer of a piece. She enjoys integrating found objects, such as small pieces of textiles, into her work. Thus, a piece usually begins with a treasured find that catches her eye because it suggests a story waiting to unfold through the making of a piece. Her pieces also have an archaeological feel, thus adding a trace of mystery as to their origins.

Where work can be found:
1480 Marine Drive,
West Vancouver, B.C.

Social Media:
Instagram: @giuliettedesigns

Facebook: www.facebook.com/giuliettadesignsgallery

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Contact Address:

Giulietta Designs Gallery & Studio
Saltspring Island, V8K 2T9
Thursday - Sunday, 11:00 - 4:00