Kimiyo Kitamura

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Kimiyo was born in Nagano, Japan. She graduated from Nagano Red Cross High Nursing School and worked in hospitals for about eleven years.
Kimiyo lived in the United States between 1967-1969 and again from 1971-1972. In 1975, she immigrated to Canada and became a Canadian citizen in 1978.
Throughout those years her interest in art has always stayed with her. She studied with a Japanese sculptor, Kenzi Matsutani, in 1964.
Kimiyo also studied at the Asagaya Western Art Research Institute and at the Art Students League of New York. Since her first solo exhibition in 1966 in Tokyo, she has been exhibiting whenever and wherever the opportunity arose.
Kimiyo has made many oil paintings using a variety of techniques and processes. She has been making her wonderful cards since 1978 and enjoys every step, simply because she likes to create beautiful things. Kimiyo values the power of beautiful arts, whether it is in the form of music, painting, literature, or whatever else, it touches and connects timelessly with our hearts.

To attain that value and to share and communicate with other people she will continue to work onwards, with the hope of making beautiful cards and paintings.