John Latham

Medium: Mixed Media

Region: The Islands


Born in England in 1947, John Latham, or Tamerlin as he is known professionally, is an artist and a writer. He is a long time resident of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, on the Pacific west coast of Canada. His creations can be found in homes and galleries as far to the south as Florida, California, Ecuador and Colombia, as well as in Europe and Eastern Canada. His work has a double edged value to today’s society, by capturing and archiving a maritime lifestyle that is fast disappearing, and also by showing us how we can re-utilize the flotsam and jetsam of our temporal lives to create something valuable and timeless. Tamerlin maintains a small studio and a unique showroom (a converted boat) at his home in the rural district. From this studio he creates three dimensional Stained Glass, Wood, and Metal artwork. Whenever possible the material used is from re-cycled sources. Scrap metal, bottles, old copper pipes, electrical cables, driftwood and computer parts are all utilized to manufacture these unique and individual sculptures.

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1414 Anderton Road Comox BC