Laura vander Linde

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


I make tableware including functional/utilitarian/domestic. I make pots/containers/vessels for daily use. The surface is my canvas in the round. Colour is intuitive for me, as I believe it has healing qualities. Combinations of colour evoke emotions and with the celebration of delicious food, can capture an experience to remember.

I work on the wheel and use slump moulds for forms that are not round. Slabs are draped over the mould and the rims are cut according to the required design.
When the pieces are dry, they are painted with a combination of under glazes, bisque fired and then fired again with a transparent glaze.

The clay is white stoneware which responds well to daily use (dishwasher, microwave and oven safe).

Laura received a 3-year diploma in ceramics in South Africa. She spent a year apprenticing at a production factory in Johannesburg and started her own business in 1990. Four years later she immigrated to Vancouver, Canada.

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