Naomi Levitin

Medium: Metal

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Naomi Levitin from Herzelia, Israel, spent four years in Ottawa to complete a BA in psychology, as well as two years of Industrial Design studies. Upon graduation, she moved to Vancouver to fulfill a dream of becoming a metalsmith by enrolling in a two year Jewellery Art and Design program at the Vancouver Community College.

She was one of the founding members of Metal Garden Design, a local jewellery design company. While growing up in Israel, Naomi was strongly influenced by the diverse artistic cultures of that region, including those of the Middle East and North Africa. Naomi wishes to pursue the art of creating unique, handmade jewellery which will combine her rich historical heritage with contemporary motifs. This involves an exploration of textured surfaces, sensuous and unusual shapes and surface ornamentation. Naomi uses sterling silver, 18k gold accents and semi-precious stones.

Over time her work has evolved into a style that is uniquely her own and pieces reflect a free and generous spirit.


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