Dalia Levy

Medium: Fibre

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Dalia Levy is an urban fibre artist based in East Vancouver. Her natural dye and textile practice began while working at a Vancouver environmental non-profit and has lead to an adoration of rare breed sheep, urban wildcrafting and “weeds”. Natural dyeing is a medium to experiment with and share nature’s bounty and her creative passions sustainably. Dalia is committed to reviving wearable folk traditions that challenge an extractive economy and grows local fibre and colour within a regenerative paradigm. She has appeared in local art exhibitions and her business, Wildcrafted Wool appears at countless craft fairs and in select Canadian retailers. Dalia is a member of the Blackberry Artist Co-op in Port Moody, BC and was featured in the UBC Farm 2015 Workshop Series. Dalia’s yarns, knits and felts are available at retailers in Canada and on her website.

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Wildcrafted Wool
1424 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC
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