Liz De Beer

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Growing up in Africa, Liz de Beer was surrounded by a rich resource of wonderful design elements from which she draws inspiration. After practicing and teaching art for more than 20 years in BC, she believes that her work has reached a point where it reflects a fusion of West Coast and African sentiments and ideas. Liz has a preference for vessels that are simple in shape and unglazed on the outside; and uses a combination of oxides to produce surface coloration on the raw clay surface that is striking but not distracting. She also has an interest in surface manipulation through carving and use a variety of different techniques to achieve the results that she wants. The sgrafitto technique allows Liz to introduce graphic design to her vessels similar to those you would find in African woodcarving and lino prints. Liz has no interest in mass production. Each vessel that she create is a unique and a work of art in its own right.


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Instagram: @klaywerk_studio