Doreen Marlor

Medium: Fibre

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Doreen was born in Vancouver and has spent most of her life there. She has always made things and finds it most satisfying to create with her hands. Her experience in dance, theatre and costuming, has given her inspiration to work with beautiful colors, textures and designs. She has studied, taken courses and attended workshops and conferences in numerous techniques to feed her creative needs.

She has always been a fan of the fashions of the 1920’s era. The wonderful hats of this period have always held great appeal. The wool hats she creates are inspired by these styles and are crocheted and felted in her own designs. With different trims from vintage buttons to ribbons and even zippers, no two hats are exactly alike. From her theatrical side come the wool felted fascinators inspired by vintage hats and the recent display of wonderful headgear on the Royals.

Contact Address:

North Vancouver, BC

Works can be viewed at:
Craft House, Granville Island
Seymour Art Gallery, Deep Cove, N.V.