Nicole Marshall

Medium: Fibre



Nicole has always had a love for colour, texture and the creative process.
A graduate from the Fashion Design Program at KPU, she worked in the technical side of the industry where pattern making, CAD, production specs and manufacturing were her primary focus for a number of years. Nicole returned to her love of fibre arts over 14 years ago when she extended her studies in Surface Design at the University of the Fraser Valley. Weaving, along with working with natural dyes, gave her the creative outlet that she always craved, but also the technical side she enjoyed. “It’s using the amazing palette that nature has to offer us – the act of taking a simple yarn, thick or thin, and creating cloth – combining yarns with different fibre content to create a reaction that becomes a 3-dimensional fabric. I love how organic the process of creating cloth is, when it’s produced by hand.”

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Langley, BC

Work can be viewed at:
Kizmit Gallery, Fort Langley