Hitomi Mckenzie

Medium: Clay

Region: Vancouver Coast & Mountains


Hitomi born in Japan, work as a fashion designer and then moved to London, UK in 1996. She studied pottery doing a part time course before achieving BTEC PDD (Professional Development Diploma) in Fine Art Ceramics. Her work has been shown and sold at major exhibitions, also been sold at galleries and shops over the UK. She moved to Vancouver in 2011. Hitomi defines that her work of Porcelain Functional Tableware, the method she employs is first throwing, then dissecting and distorting the shapes, which she considers as an innovative way of making and producing original designs. The throwing rings are exaggerated to give the impression of fold fabric, and a shiny transparent glaze gives a highly polished finish making it a very practical product.

Artist Website:
http:// hitomimckenzie.com

Contact Address:

The Mergatroid building, Vancouver BC