Megan Samms

Medium: Fibre

Region: Northern BC


My work is continually and dually inspired by the simple and the traditional. I am deeply moved by the uncomplicated, honest and time honoured tasks of life. Whether it’s cultivating my garden, looking for and reporting wildfires in the boreal forest, tending to honeybees, foraging for medicines and colour, weaving, dyeing, spinning or knitting, I am, each time, brought back to the beauty in such simple but necessary acts of existence. The practice and long lasting results of handcraft, hardwork, fibre and plant dyes come together as a functional art grounded in usefulness, shelter, beauty and custom. These are concepts I aim to integrate in my textile work. I am focused on the practice of knitting, weaving, hand spinning and dyeing with plants. Especially foraged plant matter.

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Instagram - @livetextiles