Melanie Thompson

Medium: Fibre

Region: The Islands


Melanie Thompson lives and works on Salt Spring Island and in a very small cottage at the Finn Slough on the Fraser River. These environments provide abundant opportunities to observe the natural world and those observations compel her to make art. Her practice currently focuses on basketry and mixed media painting. For the past eight years Melanie’s basketry work has mainly consisted of lighting design. Many years of traditional basketry training have provided her with a place from which to explore new materials, techniques, and forms in weaving in lighting design. Melanie recently completed the Diploma in Fine Arts at ECUAD. This course work informed her design sensibilities. This course work also led to her recent mixed media painting. Her paintings currently comprise a leaf/tree series. It is Melanie’s desire that her work inspires others to find beauty where they may not have looked. A recent visitor posted in a guest book “I will never look at nature the same”.

Works can be viewed at:

Salt Spring Artist Directory
Island Artisans
Crafthouse, Vancouver


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Contact Address:

159 Head Street, Salt Spring Island